30 March 2015

22K夢想高飛 Aim High

Title: 22K夢想高飛 22K Mèngxiǎng Gāofēi
English Title:
  • 22K Dreams Fly High
  • Aim High
Country: Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Language: Mandarin Chinese
Year: 2014
Episode: 22
  • 李國毅 Li Guó Yì (Lego Li)
  • 王宥勝 Yòu Shèng (Chris Wang)
  • 郭書瑤 Guō Shū Yáo
  • 孟耿如 Mèng Gěng Rú (Teresa Meng) (Summer Meng)
  • 黃薇渟 Huáng Wēi Tíng
  • 程予希 Chéng Yǔ Xī
  • 周詠軒 Zhōu Yǒng Xuān (Wasir Zhou)
  • 王家梁 Wáng Jiā Liáng
  • 黃柏鈞 Huáng Bò Jūn (Denny Huang)

College junior Xu Yi Fen attended a talk given by Yu Qi Feng where he encouraged everyone to chase their own dreams. He shared the saying, "Live for nothing, or die for something."

Yi Fen goes to her friends Yan Mao Tang and Hao Mei to tell them about what she learned in the  seminar, and asks them about their dreams.

Mao Tang, fondly called Mao Mao by those close to her, said she wants to become a flight attendant, where her starting salary is around NT$60,000. Hao Mei said she plans to enroll in a master's program in economics after she graduates from college, and hopes to help people with her research findings.

Yi Fen shared that her dream is to help others get close to their dreams, and she thinks her life would be so meaningful if she can do so. Though she is at a loss when asked about how she's going to specifically achieve her dream.

Their other friend Tian Ming Xiang, who they call Mi Xiang, suggests that they can design a mobile application (app) that helps people determine what they would like to become in the future. They can create the app, and join an application making contest to get the necessary funding to release the app in the market.

Aim High is about a group of friends who are coping with difficult circumstances as they try to fulfill their dreams. Although it had potential, it failed quite miserably because of its awful writing.

The drama tried to introduce its theme through its characters, who are young college students full of dreams and excited for the future. Unfortunately, it's really difficult to root for people with superficial goals such as wanting a particular career because of its high salary, or for people who have abstract dreams such as saving the entire human race with economic research or helping other people achieve their dreams.

I think it would have been better if their dreams are more concrete such as saving the world by becoming a doctor and finding a cure for cancer, or if their dreams are more established since they were young like training as an athlete and aspiring to compete in the next Olympic games.

22K夢想高飛 Aim High