13 January 2015

オリエント急行殺人事件 Orient Kyuko Satsujin Jiken

Title: オリエント急行殺人事件 Oriento (Orient) Kyūkō Satsujin Jiken
English Title: Murder on the Orient Express
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2015
Episode: 02
  • 野村萬斎 Nomura Mansai
  • 松嶋菜々子 Matsushima Nanako
  • 二宮和也 Ninomiya Kazunari
  • 渡辺杏 Watanabe An (杏 Anne)
  • 玉木宏 Tamaki Hiroshi
  • 沢村一樹 Sawamura Ikki
  • 高橋克実 Takahashi Katsumi
  • 池松壮亮 Sōsuke Ikematsu
  • 八木亜希子 Yagi Akiko
  • あおき さやか Aoki Sayaka
  • 藤本隆宏 Fujimoto Takahiro
  • 富司純子 Fuji Sumiko
  • 小林隆 Kobayashi Takashi
  • 草笛光子 Kusabue Mitsuko
  • 笹野高史 Sasano Takashi
  • 西田敏行 Nishida Toshiyuki
  • 山寺宏一 Yamadera Koichi
  • 深水元基 Fukami Motoki
  • 佐藤浩市 Sato Kōichi
  • 石丸幹二 Ishimaru Kanji
  • 吉瀬美智子 Kichise Michiko
  • 小林星蘭 Kobayashi Seiran
  • 黒木華 Kuroki Haru

On the Orient Express traveling from Shimonoseki to Tokyo, a man was found dead from multiple stab wounds in his first class compartment. Genius detective Suguro Takeru happens to be riding on the same train, and he is assigned to investigate the murder case.

Orient Kyūkō Satsujin Jiken is an entertaining drama about a genius detective who is taking on a very complicated murder case because everyone around him seems suspicious.

Detective Suguro Takeru has a very grating voice, which was affected by actor Nomura Mansai for the role, that I found especially irritating. It was difficult to get through the whole drama because he is the main character after all, and he is almost in all scenes.

I think Orient Kyūkō Satsujin Jiken is the first detective production I watched where the mystery was resolved but the culprit was not apprehended. I mean, when the identity of the criminal is uncovered, it usually goes without saying that he will be punished for committing a crime.

I don't think it's fine that a killer is not made accountable for his actions. If someone murdered another person, he committed a heinous act. And even if, for instance, the victim is an evil person, that shouldn't justify the crime at all.

オリエント急行殺人事件 Orient Kyūkō Satsujin Jiken