16 December 2014

幸福兌換券 Happiness Voucher Quotes

Title: 幸福兌換券 Xìngfú Duìhàn Quàn
English Title:
  • Happiness Coupon
  • Happiness Voucher
  • Love Cheque Charge

Episode 01

Episode 02

Episode 03

He Bu Fan, also known as Thomas He: ... You're not allowed to work overtime.
Xu Man Man: Excuse me. What if you need to work overtime?
He Bu Fan, also known as Thomas He: Then it proves your abilities are inadequate, that you are unable to finish your work during work hours.
He Bu Fan, also known as Thomas He: Do you understand? Working overtime doesn't mean it's quality work or efficient work.

Episode 04

Episode 05

He Bu Fan, also known as Thomas He: If you can't resolve a problem, then don't be concerned about it. There's no meaning.

He Bu Fan, also known as Thomas He: If it's an impossible task for you, don't ask other people to do it.

Episode 06

Shi Bo Hai: I'm telling you, good people will have good fortune. Nothing good comes from being evil.

Wang Qian Qian: Love and marriage shouldn't be about whether it's worth it or not, but about whether you want it or not.

Episode 07

Episode 08

He Bu Fan, also known as Thomas He: When you do things, you need to know when to stop. You can't be too stubborn, old man.

Episode 09

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Episode 14

He Bu Fan, also known as Thomas He: If I change the present, I will change the future.

Tian Xin Ping: Didn't I tell you that when you're talking to someone, you must look at that person? It's considered polite.

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Episode 23

Xu Man Man: But I believe when faced with a desperate person, we still need a bit of hope. Because we can't do anything now, the only thing that we can do is to give him some words of hope, do whatever little things we can do to help, and give a person on the verge of collapse a little bit of peaceful strength.

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Episode 32

Tian Xin Ping: When happiness is within your reach, you must hold on to it tightly and not let go.

Lei Bei Zhi, also known as Rebecca Lei: If you consume something, you should pay for it. It's the same when you say something, you should take responsibility.

Wang Bai Hao, also known as Ma Tong: I found the six steps for a man to move a woman's heart. I'm sharing these with you... (1) Take the initiative to help her at work... (2) You are often together with her, but when there are other people, you act as if it's a normal relationship... (3) You're not married to her, but you are often discontent with her. You have petty and major quarrels, yet you still always see her... (4) You let her lecture you in public... (5) Being often together with her means that you are close to her; you speak to her comfortably, you let her give you a treat... and (6) When the proud you accept all sorts of embarrassment she brings you, and you still want to get close to her, it means that you have already been moved by her.

Episode 33

He Guang Hui: If you have feelings for someone, then you should make your move. If you move too slowly, and when she is taken by another man, whatever feelings that you have, it will all be useless.

He Guang Hui: Although you should have a plan in life, it wouldn't be bad if you sometimes accept some unexpected things and unexpected people. Life would be more interesting.
He Guang Hui: It's not wrong to have a routine in life but sometimes people say plans can never catch up to changes. If you plan carefully down to every single step, including the things that will happen the next second, then what meaning is there? So that's why people should learn to adapt.

He Guang Hui: Haven't you heard of the saying, "A man who listens to his wife will have wealth and success"?

Episode 34

Tian Xin Ping: I only feel that things that are easily gotten will also easily get lost.

Xu Man Man: What do you mean 'happiness has a fixed quota'? Everyone has the right to ask for more happiness.

Xu Man Man: But even if you like someone, you don't necessary have to be with him.

Episode 35

Wang Bai Hao, also known as Ma Tong: What is romance? Romance is when she says she wants to have the stars, you tell her with assurance and sweetness, "I am your sun". Romance is when it's raining, you provide an umbrella and hold it for her... Being romantic is flirting skillfully and tastefully. Use your eyes and body language, and let her know that you yearn for her very much and want her very much. And kiss her in a natural manner...

Episode 36

Episode 37

Episode 38

Wang Qian Qian: We are not perfect. We all make mistakes. You taught me that tolerance and forgiveness is also a form of love. So I will be the same; I tolerate and forgive your honest mistake, because you are the one I want to spend my life with.

Episode 39

He Bu Fan, also known as Thomas He: We can't predict the outcome. We can only know by trying.

Episode 40

Episode 41

Episode 42

Shi Bo Hai: Perhaps it's like this, only when you lose something, you will then treasure it.

Episode 43

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Episode 45

Episode 46

He Guang Hui: God always gives us unexpected obstacles, so we should cherish the present even more and seize the days, so there won't be any regrets.

He Guan Yu, also known as Mao Guai: Do you think he'll be given a 'good person' card?
He Guang Hui: What do you mean?
He Guan Yu, also known as Mao Guai: It's like 'you're too good of a person, I'm not good enough for you'.

Episode 47

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Episode 51

Qiu Ya Ni: However you think about it, you won't find a solution. In that case, just don't think about it.

Episode 52

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Episode 56

Sun Wei Ya, also known as Victoria Sun: He has a clear sense of right and wrong. Regarding potentially troubling matters, he'll take care of it as soon as possible and tie all loose ends.

Episode 57

He Bu Fan, also known as Thomas He: "A brave person has no fears." Conversely, you must fear nothing to become a brave person. That way, no one can drag you by the neck.

Sun Wei Ya, also known as Victoria Sun: Letting a man wait is surely a type of trick a woman uses to emphasize her own value.

Episode 58

Episode 59

Sun Wei Ya, also known as Victoria Sun: All is fair in love and war.

Episode 60

Chen Yue Yun: When you are going to suffer for someone, you must think very seriously about it. Otherwise, as time passes, the 'person you had been waiting for' may become a resentment. Furthermore, the other party has to take the responsibility and pressure.

He Guang Hui: As your elder, it's like this. If you have any problems, I can help in enlightening you and solving your problems. As long as you are willing to ask for help and you are willing to listen, I will be willing to tell you until you are satisfied.

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Episode 67

Shi Bo Hai: You are incapable of choosing who you want to meet, but you can make the decision on who you want to be with.

Qiu Ya Ni: To those whom we love, saying 'I love you' is not the only method to show our love. Cherishing ourselves is one way... It is a way of protecting our loved ones.
Xu Man Man: Cherishing ourselves mean protecting our loved ones? What do you mean?
Qiu Ya Ni: You are protecting somebody that he loves. Isn't it a way of protecting him?

Episode 68

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Episode 70

He Bu Fan, also known as Thomas He: You think you have suffered because of this situation, right? Let me tell you, you brought it upon yourself. You deserve it!

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