23 December 2014

ごめんね青春! Gomen ne Seishun! Quotes

Title: ごめんね青春! Gomen ne Seishun!
English Title:
  • Regret From My School Days!
  • Sorry Youth!

Episode 01

Class: I cannot date anybody right now.
Hara Heisuke: (These are) words that girls often use nowadays, such as she has cram school or she has club activities, right? When the other party says these statements to you, what do you think is the probability of being able to date her?
Hara Heisuke: (The chance is) zero percent. It's a roundabout way of saying it, but in essence it means "I don't have a boyfriend but I don't want to date you." This is what she really feels.
Hara Heisuke: Why won't she just spell it out? Because she doesn't want to be hated even by the guy she hates. A girl who says she won't date anybody is NOT not dating anybody. She's dating, without a doubt! (She's dating) someone other than you!

Episode 02

Ebisawa ?: I see nothing but you.
Hara Heisuke: This is the routine phrase that men who are drowned in love would say...
Hara Heisuke: Then how is it in physics? The distance where I see nothing but you, how much do you think that is?
Hara Heisuke: In conclusion, men who say "I see nothing but you" can't see you either. He actually can't see the whole you, which is the point.

Hara Heisuke: But you know, let's take this chance and think. Are boys really detestable? Are girls really troublesome? Didn't you just decide on that? Are you influenced by people around you? Are you not looking because you're too close? Think about it.
Hara Heisuke: Face each other. I'm sure you should find something good!

Episode 03

?: The thing called youth is not a single road. It branches out into two roads and side streets. Shortcuts and dead ends also exist. But whichever way you go on, that is your youth.
?: That's why it's fine to change directions as you like.

Episode 04

Class: Hey, are we dating?
Hara Heisuke: Boys who have been asked this question, raise your hand.
Hara Heisuke: Are we dating or not? Do you like me or not? Why do girls want to clarify?
Jinbō Ai: Well, we feel insecure, don't we?
Hara Heisuke: About what?
Jinbō Ai: Is he for real? Is he only playing around? Am I a special someone? This is kinda embarrassing, what ar you making me say?!
Hara Heisuke: The fact that a special someone exists means that someone not special exists...
Hara Heisuke: The need to clarify came to be after other people of the opposite sex appeared...
Hara Heisuke: That's what co-education is. During this past month, you all began to be aware of the opposite sex as love target. But opposite sex that is not a target also exist here. Once you go to the society, even more exist. The society is a gigantic co-ed class, so to speak. It's impossible to discover a special someone all of a sudden. It can't be helped, even if you go for it. First, gauge the situation...

Hachiya Risa: Gauging the situation is a waste of time...
Sakuma ?: "You must love him before he would seem worthy of your love."
Hachiya Risa: Apparently this is a famous quote by an English poet (William Wordsworth). "Whether the other party is deserving of being loved, before thinking that, love him." Doesn't it ring a bell? Yeah. If it were me, I'd translate it like this, "If you don't like someone, you won't know the reason for liking that person..."
Hachiya Risa: The feelings of like sprouted first, and you came to look at him closely that you noticed...
Hachiya Risa: The more a woman says she likes kind men, the more she doesn't notice people's kindness. That's because she looks for a man with a condition that he be a kind person, right? If it's someone she liked, I think whatever he does would feel like he is being kind.
Hachiya Risa: If you don't like someone, you won't know the reason for liking that person. If that's the case, how about you try to believe in your intuition? He's different from my ideal, or he doesn't match my conditions, those are all a waste of time. You live only once! Go for it!

Episode 05

Hachiya Risa: It's only hard to comprehend, bear with it! Because that is youth!
Hara Heisuke: That's right. Not comprehending is youth.

Episode 06

Hachiya Risa: You're running to win, to get first place! If we don't win, there will be no meaning.

Class: "Sometimes the best gain is to lose."
Hachiya Risa: There are a lot of famous quotes about winning or losing. These were the words of tennis player Jimmy Connors...
Yamada-Birckenstock Kyoko: (It means) to lose is the best outcome, at times.

Episode 07

Hara Heisuke: "Not knowing is Buddha." When you know the truth, you only get pissed or feel sad. If you don't know, you can stay tranquil like Buddha. That's what this means.
Hara Heisuke: "God dwells in the head of the truth." It means God's blessings come upon those who live honestly.
?: Total opposites then.
Hara Heisuke: Exactly. Hypothetically speaking, if there's someone who is hiding something here, depending on which proverb that person believes, the answer would be completely different.
Hara Heisuke: Not because I'm a son of a Buddhist temple priest but I was on the Buddha side. If speaking the truth will hurt somebody, I thought let's just keep it silent.
Hara Heisuke: But you guys are young. Even if you know the truth and get hurt, you have the strength to recover. Both sides repent, and there is also time to restore the relationship. On the other hand, if only you had brought out the truth, even if you regret it, you can't go back. Don't hold it all in by yourself.

Episode 08

Miura Mamoru: I don't judge based on looks!
Hara Heisuke: Girls say this,  "despite how I look, I don't care about looks or stuff like that", don't they? They say, "what's crucial is the inside". When you're told that, you end up thinking "even I have a chance?" but don't be fooled. This is a mean spirited disposition that even ugly people want to keep.
Hara Heisuke: Looks and the inside, both are important. Looks make the inside, the inside choose looks.

Episode 09

Episode 10