21 December 2014

ディア・シスター Dear Sister

Title: ディア・シスター Dia Shisutā (Dear Sister)
English Title: Dear Sister
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2014
Episode: 10
  • 松下奈緒 Matsushita Nao
  • 石原さとみ Ishihara Satomi
  • 田辺誠一 Tanabe Seīchi
  • 平山浩行 Hirayama Hiroyuki
  • 平岡祐太 Hiraoka Yuta
  • 片平なぎさ Katahira Nagisa
  • 岩田剛典 Iwata Takanori
  • 森カンナ Mori Kanna
  • 山野仁 Yamano Megumi (Megumi)
  • 堀内敬子 Horiuchi Keiko

Fukazawa Misaki found out that she's pregnant, and she suddenly decided to pay her older sister a visit. She came unannounced, and it looks like she intends to stay for a while.

Fukazawa Hazuki is surprised to find out that her younger sister has come to stay with her indefinitely. Hazuki thinks she's had a difficult life growing up because she always had to look after Misaki, and Misaki always creates trouble.

Dear Sister is an interesting drama about two sisters who were estranged, but they became closer when they got to know each other better and they came to understand the past from a more objective point of view.

Fukazawa Hazuki envied her younger sister for being charming and lovable, while Fukazawa Misaki is jealous that her older sister is intelligent and capable. I suppose that will always be the case, people envy other people for things they don't have, or things they perceive other people have more of or are better at.

Anyway, Hazuki seemed to have a good life on the surface; she has a stable job as a government employee, and her boyfriend just proposed marriage. I suppose, Hazuki can be considered as living well by many people's standards.

But Misaki probably knows her sister well, and she knows that Hazuki can be so much happier. And so, Misaki implemented many elaborate plans to make Hazuki do things differently; quit her stable job to pursue her childhood dream of designing dresses, and break up with her cheating boyfriend.

To an extent, I wondered why Misaki thinks she can just interfere in her sister's life, especially when considering that Misaki doesn't really have it all together and she is much better off focusing on fixing her own life.

Hazuki is understandably upset when she found out about Misaki's active involvement in the many changes that occurred in her life. But she later realized that even though Misaki brought about the many challenging situations she had to deal with, she was the one who ultimately made the decisions.

Dear Sister had a very small world though, and I mean really small. For one, Hazuki's first love is also Misaki's first love. For another, Misaki's best friend and current boyfriend is the younger brother of her ex-boyfriend and the father of the baby she's carrying.

ディア・シスター Dear Sister