15 November 2014

That Thing Called Tadhana Quotes

Title: That Thing Called Tadhana
English Title:
  • That Thing Called Destiny
  • That Thing Called Fate
  • That Thing Called 'Meant to Be'

Mace Castillo: The Arrow with the Heart pierced through him.
Mace Castillo: There was an Arrow who was getting tired of his pointy life until one day, he woke up feeling heavier than usual. He woke up with a Heart pierced through him. "Whose Heart are you and how did you get here?" the Arrow asked. But there was no reply.

Mace Castillo: Please stop judging me. Please! Stop!

Mace Castillo: That's really all of your things, right?
Anthony Lagdameo: This? Yeah.
Mace Castillo: That's it? How did you fit everything there? It's such a small suitcase.
Anthony Lagdameo: It's enough. It fits everything I need.
Mace Castillo: Here's mine.
Anthony Lagdameo: Let me take that. Heavy!
Mace Castillo: Of course it's really heavy. My whole life is in there so you should excuse me. We're not the same. I have another suitcase.
Anthony Lagdameo: So, literally, your whole life's in there? You're really bound to have excess baggage.
Mace Castillo: You're too judgmental...
Anthony Lagdameo: ... Hold on, when did I judge you?
Mace Castillo: You judged me.
Anthony Lagdameo: I didn't judge you. I just stated a fact. You said you brought your whole life. Your suitcase was overweight. How was that judgmental?
Mace Castillo: Somewhere around me bringing my whole life and then having excess baggage. You were implying that I shouldn't have brought my entire life so I wouldn't go over the baggage allowance.
Mace Castillo: (You were implying) that I should have spared something for myself so that I'll have something to go back to.
Mace Castillo: Sorry, I really thought I needed all of my things. But I was wrong. It was just an assumption on my part.
Anthony Lagdameo: So I'm the judgmental one?!

Mace Castillo: You know how they say that if it's meant to be, it will be? That if he's destined for you, he will come back to you? It's a load of bullshit that fucks you over. How does that go? It's all up to the wind?  (It's all up) to destiny? You'll rely all your hopes about the future with someone you really love on some vague force that you can't see? So after eight years with someone, I have to accept that we're just not meant for each other?
Mace Castillo: It shouldn't go down that way. That's not how it should be for me. I think you should go after the one you love. You should fight for him. Don't wait for something to push him back to you. Pull him towards you. As long as you can, don't give up and don't let go. Sorry, but it's because I love him.

Mace Castillo: Because if you want something, you'll find a way (to get it).

Mace Castillo: The length of the relationship isn't all there is, in the end. If he no longer loves you, he no longer loves you.

Anthony Lagdameo: He doesn't love you anymore. That's it. What's unclear about that?
Mace Castillo: Couldn't he tell me why? (Can't he) explain to me what I did wrong?
Anthony Lagdameo: If he told you why, would that have changed anything? The bottom line is, he doesn't love you anymore.
Mace Castillo: Are we close (friends)? What the fuck, you say hurtful things!

Anthony Lagdameo: Wow. You really remember him in everything.

Anthony Lagdameo: Love is blind. I now believe that love is blind.

Anthony Lagdameo: He's your ex; the one who left you, cheated on you, and no longer loves you.
Mace Castillo: Fuck you.
Anthony Lagdameo: Why me?
Mace Castillo: Fine. Fuck him.

Mace Castillo: How does one really forget? ...
Anthony Lagdameo: I don't know. For me, with my ex, I just woke up one day and she's gone in my head. I've moved on.
Mace Castillo: How long did that take?
Anthony Lagdameo: A long time.
Mace Castillo: As in, one year? Two years? Three? Four? Five?
Anthony Lagdameo: Does it matter how long? The important thing is you forget.
Mace Castillo: Shit, but it's so hard.

Anthony Lagdameo: Here's a quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald, "There are all kinds of love in this world. But never the same love twice."

Mace Castillo: It's heavy, but I can manage.

Anthony Lagdameo: I was insecure in college. Back in high school, I was the best. I won all the competitions I joined. Fuck, when I went to UP (for college), everyone was unbelievably talented... Until then I thought I was great. (I found out) I was skilled, not talented.
Anthony Lagdameo: But the problem is, that was all I know. So when I graduated, I focused on design because that's where the money is. But when you earn money, you'll want to make more of it. Then you realize it's been eight years!

Anthony Lagdameo: Maybe you're really good; you just didn't follow through (with your talent).
Mace Castillo: No, I know myself, and I know that I'm not that good.

Mace Castillo: Aren't we supposed to be great by this time?
Mace Castillo: (Let's toast) to the great people we could have been.
Anthony Lagdameo: I don't think I want to drink to that.
Mace Castillo: (Then, let's toast) to the great people we are today.
Anthony Lagdameo: Liar.
Mace Castillo: To the great people... we will be?
Anthony Lagdameo: To the great people we will be.

Anthony Lagdameo: Skip the disclaimer.

Anthony Lagdameo: For a love like yours, that overwhelming kind of love that flows out from you, it's impossible that it will go nowhere. It's bound to be reciprocated, although not necessarily by the person for whom it was intended. I'm sure it'll go full circle back to you.
Anthony Lagdameo: ... Perhaps the ones we love leave us to make way for someone else. That someone will love us and will make us realize why the past never worked out. (That someone) will also make us realize how we're supposed to be loved.

(The Arrow with the Heart pierced through him.)
Mace Castillo: The heart just slowly moved back from the Arrow. Slowly... Very slowly... Until the Heart is no longer pierced through the Arrow. And so, the Heart moved on.
Anthony Lagdameo: The Arrow who used to have a Heart pierced through him tried to move on but he was too heavy, and he was dragging himself down. The Arrow could not understand why he felt heavier when he actually no longer had the load of carrying somebody's Heart. So the Arrow tried to go back to his old, pointy life, and everyday he would wake up feeling heavier than usual. But there was no Heart pierced through him each time. So the Arrow decided to be patient and just try to be the old Arrow that he was before he became the Arrow with a Heart pierced through him. So he can live normally again. And he did.
Anthony Lagdameo: One day, he just woke up feeling stranger than usual. The Arrow woke up being tired of his pointy life again until he heard a question too familiar that it was not strange at all.
Mace Castillo: Excuse me, but have you lost your Heart?
Anthony Lagdameo: The Arrow was surprised. It was the Heart who used to be pierced through him. And there was no reply. The Arrow and the Heart didn't need any.

Anthony Lagdameo: Like you said, why let the wind or destiny or something else you can't see do all the work? If you love her, you should go after her. Don't wait for something to push her back to you. Pull her towards you. As long as you can, don't let go. Sorry, but it's because I love you.