19 October 2014

喜歡·一個人 Love Myself or You Quotes

Title: 喜歡·一個人 Xǐhuān - Yī Gè Rén
English Title:
  • Love Myself or You
  • Pleasantly Surprised

Episode 01

Du Kai Qi: If people get hurt so easily, then most people in this world shouldn't be alive.

Episode 02

Du Kai Qi: I don't want to remember useless things like that. So what if I remember? I can't go back in time.

Ji Yong Qian: You don't know your capability at all. Your real capability is your appearance. I don't understand why you hate people calling you a flower vase. So many women want a beautiful appearance but they don't have it.
Cheng Le Xuan: My capability lies in my culinary skills. Without real ability, I wouldn't be where I am today. I can win any competition fair and square. I don't only have looks.

Episode 03

Fu Zi Jie, also known as Louis Fu: There must be something you need company for.

Du Kai Qi: So? All of the things you said would make someone dependent on another. Would you not eat hotpot because nobody is accompanying you? Do you not go to amusement parks if no one rides on the roller coaster with you? Do you quit reading manga if nobody shares his thoughts with you?

Du Kai Qi: If you bring food to one person today, she'll expect it tomorrow. When you start to care about someone, she'll start to depend on you. She'll want to share with you the good and the bad, but you may not be able to handle everything. You may grow tired one day; you'll want to leave. If so, you shouldn't care about her from the start.

Fu Zi Jie, also known as Louis Fu: I can't decide whether I care about someone or not, my heart does.
Fu Zi Jie, also known as Louis Fu: Like you said, caring about someone may be tiresome, and there may be a limit. But if you don't do anything, then how do you know how deep you can care about someone?

Episode 04

Du Kai Qi: The more simple the dish is, the more difficult it is to make it stand out.

Episode 05

Du Kai Qi: I won't ask you to explain, so don't worry about explaining anything to me. 
Lin Bao Zhu: To my friend, who respects my privacy.
Du Kai Qi: To my friend, who respects my privacy.

Episode 06

Fu Zi Jie, also known as Louis Fu: I'm the kind of person that prefers a reciprocal relationship. I treat other people the same way they treat me.

Du Kai Qi: I believe that in this world, nobody treats another person well for no reason.

Du Kai Qi: Because of this incident, I am more certain that once you start to have expectations for someone, the disappointing feeling you get when your expectation isn't fulfilled is worse than when when you didn't have any expectations at all.

Episode 07

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Episode 11

Cheng Le Xuan: Concentrate on work while you're at work.

Cheng Le Xuan: According to the French culture, giving perfume to the one you like means you want to get closer with that person.

Episode 12

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Episode 16

Zhang Qian Lan: When something bad happens, pretending that things are okay won't make it okay. We need to learn to face our problems, and to solve them.

Episode 17

Lin Bao Zhu: One person's efforts can't save a marriage.
Wang Da Zhi: The other person has to cooperate.
Lin Bao Zhu: The other person has to cooperate.

Episode 18

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Episode 20

Ji Yong Qian: Love is a very strange thing, and can also be very unreasonable. If someone doesn't like you, it doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you. It just so happens that he doesn't like you.
Ji Yong Qian: So, even if you get rejected a hundred times or even a thousand times, you must still be confident in yourself. That's the advice from me, Ji Yong Qian, an expert in being heartbroken.

Episode 21

Episode 22

Lin Bao Zhu: If the heavens go against you, you can't do anything about it. When you go against yourself, then you can't live.