21 September 2014

水球ヤンキース Suikyū Yankees Quotes

Title: 水球ヤンキース Suikyū Yankīsu (Yankees)
English Title: Water Polo Yankees

Episode 01

Kurosawa ?: If you give up from the start, you can't do anything. If you don't give up, things will not end.
Kurosawa ?: You can become anyone you want to be, the possibilities are infinite.

Inaba Naoya: Just because I can't win, I'll quit? Isn't it because I'll give up that I can't win?

Episode 02

Chiaki Ryo: You know, a man takes responsibility of his own words.

Inaba Naoya: It may be a bit troublesome but we can overcome everything one by one.

Chiaki Ryo: A man honestly apologizes for his mistake.
Miyaguchi Koki: A man honestly apologizes for his mistake.

Episode 03

Mifune Ryūji: No matter how hard I try, no matter how much effort I give; there's still a wall I cannot overcome. So if I can't overcome it, it's better to not do it at all. It's better to just give up.

Mifune Ryūji: You can't even do it yourself, so don't force others to do it!

Inaba Naoya: If there's a wall in front of you, you just have to go over it, right? Isn't it okay to continue climbing until you reach it?
Mifune Ryūji: Say anything you want but no matter how much you try, there's still a wall one cannot overcome!

Shimura Kohei: You can do whatever you want. There's no such thing as a wall you can't overcome!

Mifune Ryūji: I will surpass it, whatever wall it may be, only if it's together with you.

Episode 04

Miyaguchi Koki: That time, he said this, "It's frustrating... that's why we must become stronger. We must become strong men so he can't step on us."

Episode 05

Inaba Naoya: He was depressed after losing to Kitajima Torao. He was a bit frustrated and lashed it out on you. But a real man will understand him and forgive him.

Episode 06

Arakawa ?: Don't you still have him; the guy who does not give up, and is trying hard to fight until the end? Isn't it your role as the water polo club adviser to accept him, believe him, and encourage him?

Mifune Ryūji: They say deceiving the enemies is what allies do.

Episode 07

Chiaki Ryo: You know, at any given time, a man should protect the girl.

Mifune Ryūji: You and us, the moment we entered Kasumino Technical High School, we might have been in the losing team, but you know, it's never too late to start over. Without giving up, our own will will determine if we can do it.

Episode 08

Shibata Riko: It's a rare thing to fall for someone. Now that you like someone, it'll be a waste if you won't convey it (to that person).

Episode 09

Episode 10