05 September 2014

信長のシェフ Nobunaga no Chef 2

Title: 信長のシェフ2 Nobunaga no Shefu (Chef) 2
English Title:
  • A Chef of Nobunaga (Chef of Nobunaga)
  • Nobunaga's Chef
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2014
Episode: 08
  • 玉森裕太 Tamamori Yuta
  • 志田未来 Shida Mirai
  • 及川光博 Oikawa Mitsuhiro
  • ゴリ Gori
  • 芦名星 Ashina Sei
  • 斉藤由貴 Saito Yuki
  • 正名僕蔵 Masana Bokuzo
  • 笹野高史 Sasano Takashi
  • 稲垣吾郎 Inagaki Goro
  • カンニング竹山 Cunning Takeyama
  • 高嶋政伸 Takashima Masanobu
  • 賀来賢人 Kaku Kento
  • きたろう Kitaro
  • 河相我聞 Kaai Gamon
  • 星野真里 Hoshino Mari 
  • 市川猿之助 Ichikawa Ennosuke
  • 佐々木希 Sasaki Nozomi
  • デビット伊東 David Ito
  • 風間トオル Kazama Toru
  • 永瀬廉 Nagase Ren

Shocked and disoriented, a man named Ken suddenly finds himself in the past. Having lost his memory, he doesn't know who he is and what happened with him.

Ken meets Natsu, a blacksmith who is pretending to be a man so she can keep doing her chosen profession. Natsu doesn't know how to cook and she is previously unconcerned about how food tastes, that is, until she tried Ken's cooking.

Ken can only remember that he knows how to cook, and he proves to be a great chef despite the limitations in ingredients and cooking utensils in the past. In order to survive in these troubled times, Ken becomes the head chef of the famous historical figure Oda Nobunaga.

Nobunaga no Chef 2 is basically a continuation of 信長のシェフ Nobunaga no Chef. I enjoyed watching Nobunaga no Chef 2, and it's probably because I know a little about the historical figure Oda Nobunaga and because I find food interesting.

It's somewhat difficult to explain what it is because of the mishmash of many genres. It can be a historical drama, but only because of the setting. It is also a mystery because it is unknown why Ken and some of his colleagues traveled back in time, and if they can even go back to the future and when. It can also be considered as a drama about a certain profession, particularly about cooking, but it doesn't really go into detail about it.

Nobunaga no Chef 2 presents many sumptuous dishes, but it didn't really explain how the modern cook managed to make these meals in a time where there's a lack of cooking tools that he's used to. In addition, it didn't really share the recipe, such as the ingredients used and the method of cooking.

Nobunaga seems to be an amazing person because of his contemporary views, and how he is willing to bring about any necessary change in the olden days' status quo or existing state of affairs

Oda Nobunaga: A man's life of 50 years under the sky is nothing compared to the age of this world. Life is but a fleeting dream; an illusion. Is there anything that lasts forever?
-- E01 A chef of French cuisine from Heisei goes to the Warring States!? Prevent the assassination of Oda Nobunaga!

I found the analogy explaining the different personalities of Nobunaga, Kinoshita Tōkichirō Hideyoshi (Toyotomi Hideyoshi), and Tokugawa Ieyasu very interesting. I suppose how you resolve issues really says a lot about you and your values.

? Kenichirō, also known as Ken: It is true that the Oda Nobunaga we learn through history (classes) is a short-tempered cruel man that would say "If the cuckoo does not sing, kill it".
-- E02 The truth about burning down Mt. Hiei... Will Heisei cuisine change history?!

? Kenichirō, also known as Ken: Speaking of Kinoshita Tōkichirō Hideyoshi, it's "If the cuckoo doesn't sing, then make him sing".
-- E02 The truth about burning down Mt. Hiei... Will Heisei cuisine change history?!

? Kenichirō, also known as Ken: But the man (Tokugawa Ieyasu) who said, "If the cuckoo doesn't sing, wait for it" will rule the country.
-- E06 Tokugawa Ieyasu's biggest crisis! Save him with soup from Heisei

This sequel is less impressive because Nobunaga was just sitting down and doing nothing while he makes Ken go on many seemingly impossible tasks. At least in the prequel, Nobunaga was actively doing things so he can accomplish his goal of unifying the country, and Ken was just tagging along as Nobunaga's chef.

信長のシェフ Nobunaga no Chef

信長のシェフ2 Nobunaga no Chef 2