18 August 2014

愛上兩個我 Fall in Love with Me

Title: 愛上兩個我 Ài Shàng Liǎng Gè Wǒ
English Title:
  • Fall in Love with Me
  • I Fell In Love With Two
Country: Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Language: Mandarin Chinese
Year: 2014
Episode: 20
  • 炎亞綸 Yán Yà Lún (Aaron Yan)
  • 李毓芬 Li Yù Fēn (Tia Li)
  • 李運慶 Lǐ Yùn Qìng (Jack Li)
  • 方志友 Fāng Zhì Yǒu (Beatrice Fang)
  • 高英軒 Gāo Yīng Xuān (Vince Kao)
  • 王凱蒂 Wáng Kǎi Dì (Katherine Wang)
  • 蔡旻佑 Cài Mín Yòu (Evan Yo)
  • 楊銘威 Yáng Míng Wēi

炎亞綸 Yán Yà Lún, G.Na - 二分之一 (1/2) (Half)
Lu Tian Xing is an influential advertising executive who manages his own company Tian Xi Advertisements. After working endlessly on creative projects for three years, Tian Xing has decided to take a break from work until he finds the passion and enthusiasm that he had when he was starting out.

When Tian Xing's colleagues find out his plan for the next three months, Tian Xing is forced to run away from them because they are intensively dissuading him from taking a vacation. Tian Xing dons some casual clothing and changes his hairstyle so he can get away.

While walking around in disguise, he encounters a group of people who are earnestly shooting a low-budget ad. The group is from the OZ advertising agency, a company established by the person that inspired Tian Xing to work in advertising when he was younger.

OZ is currently managed by Tao Le Shi, the younger sister of its founder Tao Le Yuan who died in a traffic accident. Le Shi recognizes Tian Xing and she asks him directly if he is the legendary advertising professional.

Because he doesn't want to attract any unwanted attention, Tian Xing denies his identity and declares that he is actually a college student named Xiao Lu.

When he later finds out that OZ is currently in financial distress, Tian Xing makes an offer to purchase the company but Le Shi is not willing to sell her brother's legacy. Because he doesn't want OZ to go under, Tian Xing adopts his Xiao Lu persona and offers to work at OZ for free.

炎亞綸 Yán Yà Lún - 這不是我 Zhè Bùshì Wǒ (That's Not Me)
Fall in Love with Me is an awful drama full of nonsensical plot developments and crazy characters. It is not a production a person in his right mind would watch, and I'm honestly still questioning my sanity for finishing it.

I watched the drama only for the lead character Lu Tian Xing and his alter ego Xiao Lu. Aaron Yan did an impressive job of portraying two characters that are complete opposites of each other. Chances are, his earnestness in portraying his characters well is the only reason you continued watching the drama until the end.

Lu Tian Xing: So, you want me to tell you how to become an extraordinary producer? The look in your eyes tells me you do. Listen. Remember two things.
Lu Tian Xing: First, you must possess undoubtable character. Even when you lie, you must make people believe you with all their hearts, and trust your judgment and decisions. But since you're such an honest person, let's forget about this one.
Lu Tian Xing: Don't worry, you can try the second point since you don't have to be born with it...
Lu Tian Xing: The second point can be strengthened through hard work. The second point is visuals. Visuals reflect taste, and that is your taste.
Lu Tian Xing: This is the kind of taste a producer should have: precise and unique.

Lu Tian Xing: You must know this world has everything, but not everything is real. I don't really like it, but I still need you to see it.

To be fair, the first few episodes of the drama was entertaining because it was fun to see all the shenanigans of Tian Xing as he tries to keep his identities straight.

I still don't understand how people can accept that two people who have no relation with each other can have an uncanny resemblance, but I suppose these things happen anyway. I mean, there were times that other people have mistaken me to be someone else, which I find really weird since I don't think I look similar to that person, and there were times that I think I look like another person but no one else sees the similarity.

愛上兩個我 Fall In Love With Me
愛上兩個我 Fall In Love With Me