11 June 2014

마녀의 연애 Witch's Romance

Title: 마녀의 연애 Manyeoeui Yeonae
English Title:
  • A Witch's Love
  • Witch's Romance
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Year: 2014
Episode: 16
  • 엄정화 Uhm Jung Hwa
  • 박서준 Park Seo Joon
  • 한재석 Han Jae Suk
  • 정연주 Jung Yun Joo
  • 윤현민 Yoon Hyun Min

Ban Ji Yeon has a successful career as an editor at the Trouble Maker magazine. She has an extraordinary ability to get crucial leads to the most interesting stories, and she's determined to gather enough information in order to publish the scandalous articles.

Ji Yeon  is condescendingly called Witch by everyone who detest her bossy personality. She overhears her colleagues gossiping about her lack of opportunities for marriage considering her advanced age at 39 years old, and Ji Yeon gets back at them by making them work overtime.

At the office party in a bar, Ji Yeon is pursued by playboy Yong Soo Chul. He was actually hired by Ji Yeon's coworkers to seduce her and to humiliate her in public. Although initially dismissive of the young man's amorous attention, Ji Yeon is eventually flattered by his expert flirting.

Soo Chul calls his good friend Yoon Dong Ha, who expresses his disapproval of Soo Chul's plan to make a fool of someone. Although Dong Ha initially planned to stay out of the whole incident, he later helps Ji Yeon gracefully deal with the public disgrace.

Witch's Romance is about a May-December romance. Although the older woman and younger man pairing is admittedly not one of my favorite drama tropes, I acknowledge that I can still  find it particularly entertaining when done right.

Actress Um Jung Hwa is at her element with romantic comedies, and she's quite good at portraying flawed characters that are easy to sympathize with.

Ban Ji Yeon is a great role model for women of a certain age. Even though she doesn't have the ideal life that society dictates women should have, she's happy with her life and she doesn't feel sorry for herself for lacking some things, such as a husband and children.

Yoon Dong Ha is a great guy, and surprisingly emotionally mature for his age. He is earnest in professing his love and showing his care to Ji Yeon, but he does not impose himself and his feelings on her.

Yoon Dong Ha: True love sincerely wishes the other person to be happy. Life is short so if there are any words you're holding in your heart, consider this your last chance and try saying them today. The moment of magic you've been waiting for is, without delay, today. (from The Magic Moment by Paulo Coehlo)

Although I would like to think that I'm quite open minded, I have a lot of misgivings when it comes to couples with huge age differences. I can't help having an opinion about it because I'm worried that the couple may be at different stages in their lives, and particularly that a woman has biological issues that factor in her relationship concerns.

Of course, what I think shouldn't really matter as some couples are really good together, no matter how old the individuals are and how different their ages are relative to their partners. Ji Yeon and Yoon Dong Ha really work well as a couple despite their huge age difference.

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마녀의 연애 Witch's Romance