17 May 2014

我的自由年代 In A Good Way Quotes

Title: 我的自由年代 Wǒ de Zìyóu Niándài
English Title:
  • In A Good Way
  • My Era of Freedom
  • My Years of Freedom

Episode 01

Liu Shan Feng, also known as Liu Chan: There could be two reasons why he didn't call back. First reason is that his pager is broken. Second reason would be that he's avoiding you.
Lin Jia En: Avoiding me?
Liu Shan Feng, also known as Liu Chan: But it's more likely it's the first reason.

Episode 02

Liu Shan Feng, also known as Liu Chan: It's a democratic world now. Even before the court makes a sentence, the defendant must be given a chance to explain.
Liu Shan Feng, also known as Liu Chan: Now, it's the same as that night; it was pouring rain outside. Jia En came to school to find a friend, but ran into such rain and she can't leave, and she was soaking wet. You see me in the rain, and you ask me to go in. I was just like you, I helped her get in the dorms to keep dry even though I knew the rules of the dormitory don't allow a girl to stay over. Such a law is outside of humanity. I think there's nothing wrong to give a hand to those in need. Even if the school will punish me, I would be true to my conscience.

Liu Shan Feng, also known as Liu Chan: I won't let such meaningless things trouble me.
Lin Jia En: Why aren't you worried about things like this? You people in Taipei seem like you've got it all figured out. You don't care about how others look at you, but I really care about how other people look at me.
Liu Shan Feng, also known as Liu Chan: Do you not want anyone to see you right now? You are afraid that others will point their fingers at you again? But honestly you think you did nothing wrong, right? At such a time, you shouldn't be hiding. Instead, you need to stand out.
Lin Jia En: What do you mean?
Liu Shan Feng, also known as Liu Chan: Come with me... When you're in a bad mood, you should go out.

Liu Shan Feng, also known as Liu Chan: My grandfather once told me the depths of which you understand freedom is the amount of freedom you have.

Liu Shan Feng, also known as Liu Chan: Studying isn't just to pass exams. Memorizing history isn't for you to cram, but for your to understand. If you can imagine the lifestyle of an era, about the people's lives, what they wear and eat, where they go and live, etc.; remember them as if they're frozen frames from a film, then you'll remember them for a long time.

Episode 03

Liu Shan Feng, also known as Liu Chan: You've got it wrong, winning or losing isn't the point, the process is.
Lin Jia En: Both process and the result are important. Otherwise, why try?
Liu Shan Feng, also known as Liu Chan: Sometimes you can't control winning or losing, but as long as you put your heart to it, then you're true to yourself.

Liao Ri Qi: Going soft on your enemy is being cruel to yourself.

Lin Jia En: Back then, I thought being independent meant to do everything by yourself. I did everything to prove that I've grown up. I didn't need help from anyone. It wasn't until many years passed did I learn that I was merely acting tough. It wasn't being independent.

Episode 04

Bai Xue Fen: Doesn't the mirror just reflect the truth? Is it really as mysterious as you say?
Liu Shan Feng, also known as Liu Chan: Do you see it? Here. Many people believe what their eyes see, but what they see may not be true sometimes.
Bai Xue Fen: It does seem strange somewhat. It doesn't seem like the real me.
Liu Shan Feng, also known as Liu Chan: What's the real you like? You think it's the you in the mirrors, but it may not be.

Liao Ri Qi: I recall from a treasure hunting book that mirrors allow you to see a different kind of world.

Bai Xue Fen: It's convenient to watch a movie alone. You can see whatever you want, and you don't have to accommodate to somebody else's schedule.

Episode 05

Liu Shan Feng, also known as Liu Chan: Memories are the motivations of life. We're always recalling our last journey during our current journey.

Cui Xin Qi, also known as Tracy: Each person likes different idols that resemble himself.

Liu Shan Feng, also known as Liu Chan: To me, idols are those who changed my life in big ways.

Cui Xin Qi, also known as Tracy: Appropriate means you have to look appropriate...
Lin Jiao En: But we'll get uniforms when we get in.
Cui Xin Qi, also known as Tracy: That's the rules on the stage. Off the stage, you have to dress pretty so when people see you, their eyes would brighten.
Ding Xiao Wei: Is that right?
Cui Xin Qi, also known as Tracy: Of course. There are so many underlying rules in school, work, and even relationships.
Lin Jiao En: Then isn't that judging a book by its cover?
Ding Xiao Wei: But I think maybe that's not it. If you're really good, people will pick you.
Cui Xin Qi, also known as Tracy: But there are so many people who are good; of course, people will pick the ones who look good as well.

Episode 06

Bai Xue Fen: Listen to me. Whether you go to the dance or not, you have to find your own look. Even though appearances aren't the most important thing, remember, it's also a part of you. Okay?

Episode 07

Episode 08

Episode 09

Cui Xin Qi, also known as Tracy: What century is it already? Why are there still women like you? Breaking up is to make your life better. Be a woman that a man regrets over.

Episode 10

Philosophy Professor: Think about this; on your last day alive, what do you want to do? What do you want to play? If you finish thinking about it, then go do it... Actually, since the moment we were born, we've been preparing for our death in the future. Don't be afraid to talk about death. Think about it, and reflect on it. Because when you can really face death, you'll be able to really face your life.

Bai Xue Fen: Which do you think is happier, to love or to be loved?
Zheng Ren Wei: Me? Of course I want to love and to be loved at the same time. I want that kind of unity.
Bai Xue Fen: How can love be that simple?
Zheng Ren Wei: Why would love be that hard? What's difficult is that once you love, you would yearn to be loved too.
Bai Xue Fen: If I can, I really want to try and like someone who understands how to cherish me. But I can't.
Zheng Ren Wei: Give it time. Time will change everything.

Lin Jia En: You've always liked girls who are superior; the ones with a good family background, or good grades, or even the school beauty. Otherwise, it's the girls who are already in a relationship. I think you've always liked reaching for something you can't have.
Zheng Ren Wei: Wow. So Professor Lin, what kind of girls should I chase after then?
Lin Jia En: Don't reach too far up. Find someone who has common interests with you, someone you can talk to, and who is down to earth. You can understand each other without saying too much. You can be lovers but at the same time best friends. You have no pressure when you're spending time with her. Doesn't someone like that match you better?

Episode 11

Liao Ri Qi: Have you ever heard of 'The Price of Silence'? In World War II, a German priest wrote the following words so in the future people will remember the Holocaust:
Liu Shan Feng, also known as Liu Chan: "First they came for the Communist and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist. Then they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew. Then they came for the Trade Unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Catholics and I did not speak out because I was not a Catholic. Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me."
Liao Ri Qi: The meaning of history is for us to remember lessons learned by our fathers.

Xie Qìng You, also known as Ah Qing: I didn't expect that you were that kind of person.
Cui Xin Qi, also known as Tracy: You have no idea what kind of person I am.

Cui Xin Qi, also known as Tracy: Because you won't even help yourself, why should I help you?

Episode 12

Xie Qìng You, also known as Ah Qing: I knew you were that kind of person.
Cui Xin Qi, also known as Tracy: You never knew what kind of person I am.

Liao Ri Qi: I think saving (money) is earning (money).

Episode 13

Bai Xue Fen: I have something to tell you. I'm sorry I lied to you before. Earlier, I denied that the person I like likes you... The person I like really likes you. The reason I denied it was because I wasn't ready to face the truth myself. I also didn't want you to worry about my feelings...
Lin Jia En: How can I not?
Bai Xue Ren: You said before that you cherish me very much as a friend. Do you still remember?
Lin Jia En: Of course I remember.
Bai Xue Ren: Then I'm going to tell you how to cherish me. Please listen to your heart. Don't be influenced by me and my feelings. I don't want people's pity or sympathy. I especially don't want you to sacrifice yourself because of me. It won't bring me the kind of love that I want anyway.
Bai Xue Ren: You are free to go after what you want, and you should bravely do so. Do you understand? No matter what happens, don't worry and don't forget that we will always be good friends.

Episode 14

Liu Shan Feng, also known as Liu Chan: Don't worry, I will be fine. After all, I don't have the option to be weak.

Bai Xue Fen: I just fell in love with my own imagination, and no matter how beautiful my imagination is, it doesn't exist in reality.
Zheng Ren Wei: Love your imagination?
Bai Xue Fen: It means I fell in love with a Liu Chuan that I imagined. In my fantasy, he's perfect, with no flaws at all. It seemed like nobody else in the world could be more perfect. But in reality, Liu Chuan is not how I imagined him to be.

Lin Jia En: Secrets of building the castle: Build your own castle so you can be your own king. You don't need to care about what people think when you do the right thing. No matter how down you are, you'll see the light at the end of the darkness. You will have as much freedom as your understanding of freedom.

Episode 15

Wang Jian Guo, also known as Ah Di: As the saying goes, "the tower closest to the water gets the moon first".

Episode 16

Episode 17

Episode 18

Liao Ri Qi: I think if we treasure each present moment well, the future will take its course.
Ding Xiao Wei: The future won't just happen. Don't you read the articles? Athletes play everyday, writers write everyday, real estate agents see properties everyday, and even celebrities work out to lose weight everyday. If you like doing one thing, you must work hard and continue to do it; that's the only way for it to accumulate and have it grow into something great... It's the same with your future.

Episode 19

Episode 20

Zheng Ren Wei: Right now, I really want to confess my feelings to her and to tell her to just give me an answer directly, or else everyday is so hard for me to get through.
Bai Xue Fen: Of course you can do that. It's just that you should emotionally prepare yourself.
Zheng Ren Wei: Get prepared for what?
Bai Xue Fen: Get prepared for the possibility that the two of you would not even be able to become friends again.
Zheng Ren Wei: Some girls over-think on some matters such as 'once the original friendship starts to change, how will you be able to restore it to how it was before?' If she can't even think through it by herself, there is a possibility that after rejecting someone's love, they can't even become friends.

Bai Xue Fen: Even though, in the vast amount of people, it is hard for you to find someone you like that likes you back, I believe that one day, that special someone will definitely show up.

Episode 21

Episode 22

Bai Xue Fen: Actually, girls are easy to understand and what they want is very simple. What a girl is most afraid of is that the other person does not feel the same way as she does. All a girl wants (when it comes to relationships) is a sincere commitment.

Episode 23

Episode 24

Episode 25

Xie Qìng You, also known as Ah Qing: I think we need to continue to live so we can continue to love. Therefore, I will do whatever I can to keep both of us alive. This is the real kind of romance.

Episode 26