24 April 2014


Title: L♡DK
English Title: L♡DK
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2014
  • 山崎賢人 Yamazaki Kento
  • 剛力彩芽 Goriki Ayame
  • 中尾明慶 Nakao Akiyoshi
  • 岡本玲 Okamoto Rei
  • 石橋杏奈 Ishibashi Anna
  • 桐山漣 Kiriyama Ren
  • 高島礼子 Takashima Reiko
  • 福士誠治 Fukushi Seiji
  • 白石美帆 Shiraishi Miho
  • 藤井隆 Fuji Takashi
  • 寺田心 Terada Kokoro
  • 山田ジェームス武 Yamada James Takeshi

Nishimori Aoi is still in high school but she lives in an apartment by herself. Her parents and younger brother moved to another city for work, but she stayed behind because she didn't want to transfer to a new high school.

Popular student Kugayama Shusei moves to the apartment next door to Aoi. When Aoi accidentally sets Shusei's apartment on fire, he is homeless for the couple of weeks that his apartment is being repaired. When the landlord asked Shusei if he has a place to stay, he said he'll be living with his 'friend' Aoi.

L♡DK is a light movie about high school students who start living together in an apartment due to unforeseen circumstances, even though they are not in a romantic relationship and are not even friends. It's basically about strangers who start to get to know each other when they had to interact in such a small place on a daily basis, and they then fall in love with each other.

The lead actors in L♡DK are not very effective in their roles, and they have dreadful chemistry. In particular, actress Goriki Ayame is quite awful in her role in this production, but that's nothing new since she's been bad in everything I've seen her in.

I didn't find it particularly interesting, and I didn't really enjoy watching it. It's not a terrible movie, but you won't be missing a lot if you end up giving this one a pass.