10 April 2014

태양은 가득히 Full Sun

Title: 태양은 가득히 Taeyangeun Gadeukhi
English Title:
  • Beyond the Clouds
  • Full Sun
  • Red Sun
  • The Sun
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Year: 2014
  • 윤계상 Yoon Kye Sang
  • 한지혜 Han Ji Hye
  • 조진웅 Jo Jin Woong
  • 김유리 Kim Yoo Ri
  • 손호준 Son Ho Joon
  • 이재원 Lee Jae Won
  • 김영옥 Kim Young Ok
  • 김영철 Kim Young Chul
  • 전미선 Jun Mi Sun
  • 송종호 Song Jong Ho
  • 이대연 Lee Dae Yeon 
  • 안지현 Ahn Ji Hyun
  • 송영규 Song Young Kyu

Jung Se Ro is struggling with many part-time jobs as he is studying for the civil service exam. When Se Ro finds out that his father is currently in Bangkok, Se Ro impulsively goes there to surprise his father with a short visit.

Unknown to Se Ro, his father is currently working on conning the prestigious Korean jewelry company Bella la Fair of precious diamonds. Company president and jewelry designer Han Young Won represents Bella la Fair at the international jewelry showcase currently being held in the city.

Se Ro discovers his father's nefarious scheme, and he tries to return the diamonds to its rightful owner. He encounters Bella la Fair's gemstone dealer Gong Woo Jin, and a sniper kills Woo Jin while they are together.

Woo Jin is also Young Won's fiancee, and her father is against their marriage. It was her father who had Woo Jin killed in Thailand, but he deviously maneuvered to put the blame on the man who was unwittingly at the wrong place at the wrong time.


태양은 가득히 Full Sun