09 April 2014

응급남녀 Emergency Couple

Title: 응급남녀 Eunggeubnamnyeo
English Title:
  • 119 Couple
  • Emergency Couple
  • Emergency Man and Woman
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Year: 2014
Episode: 20
  • 송지효 Song Ji Hyo
  • 최진혁 Choi Jin Hyuk
  • 이필모 Lee Pil Mo
  • 최여진 Choi Yeo Jin
  • 이성민 Lee Sung Min (클라라 Clara)
  • 윤종훈 Yoon Jong Hoon
  • 임현성 Im Hyun Sung
  • 권민 Kwon Min
  • 김현숙 Kim Hyun Sook
  • 전수진 Jun Soo Jin
  • 박준금 Park Joon Geum

Oh Jin Hee married Oh Chang Min against his family's wishes. They are medical students but because of their marriage, Chang Min had to drop out of medical school and work for a pharmaceutical company instead.

Jin Hee and Chang Min are frustrated and unhappy with their marriage. Jin Hee is constantly insulted and maligned by her husband but she tries hard to make their relationship work. However, after a major fight, the two end up filing for divorce.

Six years later, Chang Min has finished medical school and is now an intern at a hospital's emergency room or ER. He later finds out that one of his co-interns is his ex-wife Jin Hee.

Emergency Couple started with the set up that two people were in love and got married young but marital problems eventually led to their divorce. What's strange though is that the drama glossed over the couple's happy times together and instead focused on the reasons why their relationship fell apart.

Honestly, they seemed quite miserable when they were together, and they seemed much happier living apart. It also seems that they are much better individuals after their divorce.

I think it would have been much better if I, as a viewer, had seen enough scenes of Oh Jin Hee and Oh Chang Min living happily with each other, then it would be easier to root for them to eventually work things out and hopefully be together in the end.

When Jin Hee and Chang Min coincidentally meet again six years later and find out they will be working together, I mostly felt bad for Jin Hee because she's going to have to deal with the person who tormented her in the past on a daily basis in a professional setting. Considering how Chang Min acted in the past and how he's acting, particularly towards Jin Hee, in the present, I couldn't even fathom why I would ever want this couple to reunite eventually.

Considering the serious complications of their personal relationship, it was important for me to see that Jin Hee and Chang Min have worked out their differences and have resolved their issues before I can accept that they can start over again as a couple. It seemed particularly necessary in their case, and I find it quite disappointing that the drama didn't put as much importance on the resolution as I thought it should.

응급남녀 Emergency Couple