25 March 2014

失恋ショコラティエ Shitsuren Chocolatier Quotes

Title: 失恋ショコラティエ Shitsuren Shokoratie (Chocolatier)
English Title: Heartbroken Chocolatier

Episode 01

Koyurugi Sōta: I was being two-timed, huh.
Takahashi Saeko: Two-timed?
Koyurugi Sōta: Eh? (Why does that sound like a question?) Well, it's regular two-timing, right? You were continuing your relationship with your boyfriend and you are also going out with me.
Takahashi Saeko: Going out...
Koyurugi Sōta: (Eh?!!) Saeko, you and I were going out, right? I asked you to go out with me and you said okay.
Takahashi Saeko: Eh? Ah... yeah...
Koyurugi Sōta: For two months. It's just been two months but... well, look, we even kissed, right?
Takahashi Saeko: Ah, but, we didn't have sex.
Koyurugi Sōta: (Oh, I see. If you don't have sex, it's not called going out. So there's no two-timing either... What? Is that how it is? Is that how society works?)
Koyurugi Sōta: (Saeko is correct and I'm wrong? I don't know what's what anymore.) Wait. Let me collect my thoughts.

Olivier Tréluyer: My papa used to say back in the day, "Art is a precious flower that gives color to life. But love is not art; it is the essence of life... It's something that harshly gets dirtied with mud."

Inoue Kaoruko: Then, when is this 'right timing' you speak of?

Episode 02

Koyurugi Sōta: Say, why do women send texts (text messages) that are so difficult to reply to?
Kato Erena: That means that even if it is of trivial things, she just wants to talk with Sōta.

Olivier Tréluyer: Did you stay with the girl from yesterday?
Koyurugi Sōta: For your information, Erena is... well, she's my friend.
Olivier Tréluyer: Sex friend (friend with benefits)?
Koyurugi Sōta: Hey, you...
Olivier Tréluyer: But you can't say such a thing to Kaoruko. You need to say nothing happened, even if it's a lie.
Koyurugi Sōta: Why? Why do I have to lie to Kauruko?
Olivier Tréluyer: Well, women would look at a man being like that as a despicable thing. You can't disturb the mood of the workplace. I think you have to tell white lies sometimes.

Episode 03

Yoshioka Saeko, also known as Takahashi Saeko: Then, like, wearing low heels? You know, guys get bothered about the height difference.
Yoshioka Saeko, also known as Takahashi Saeko: And then, since we're in the cold season now, how about you dress a bit lightly?... If you do that, when you leave the place at night, if you shiver like it's so cold, men will lend you their jackets.

Koyurugi Sōta: Look, I'm saying, someone like you will definitely meet a really great woman soon.
Olivier Tréluyer: Sōta, in this world, it doesn't matter how rich or how beautiful someone else is, or whether they're a Hollywood star or a prince. You can only fall in love with the people you meet. The amount of people you meet in your lifetime is surprisingly limited.

Episode 04

Inoue Kaoruko: It seems like the older I get, the less encounters I have with people.
Yoshioka Saeko, also known as Takahashi Saeko: Encounter, huh... "If you want to have chance encounters, go around and get lost," my mother used to say. Rather than women who go straight ahead on their way without getting lost, women who go and wander around helplessly will be more likely approached by men.

Olivier Tréluyer: Girls call it a date when they go out with other girls too, you know.

Sekiya Hiroaki: Don't live in your small world, you have to take charge and meet new people now and then.

Yoshioka Saeko, also known as Takahashi Saeko: I wonder, what's the point of my existence?

Koyurugi Sōta: I thought, as expected, when you're ten years older, you have a different way of thinking... What?
Koyurugi Makoto: You're wrong.
Koyurugi Sōta: Eh?
Koyurugi Makoto: Age has nothing to do with it.

Episode 05

Episode 06

Koyurugi Sōta: It is better to do something than to not do anything. People will definitely realize something.

Olivier Tréluyer: Isn't everyone like that? If their feelings change, everyone moves on to the next one. It's a given, there's nothing bad about it.

Koyurugi Matsuri: ... In the end, I'm not suitable for someone like Oliver.
Olivier Tréluyer: Putting it like that is sneaky. If you don't want it, say 'no' clearly. If you say no, I will stop, but if you don't say it, I'll take that as a 'yes'.
Koyurugi Matsuri: That's not reasonable.
Olivier Tréluyer: Then say no.
Olivier Tréluyer: Alright, then it's decided. Matsuri, without thinking too deeply about it, let's just go out for the time being.

Koyurugi Sōta: But the people who wouldn't do anything still wouldn't do anything if they had time to do so. Even if you don't have time, someone who has the will would be able to make it work somehow, right?

Rikodō Seinosuke, also known as Ricdor: Anyway, with someone you admire, if it remains as admiration, it's the same as not having met them. If you truly like a person, have a deep enough relationship to enter the inner world of that person.

Episode 07

Episode 08

Koyurugi Sōta: "The samurai would rather starve than misbehave himself." Something like that?

Olivier Tréluyer: I wonder if it's my fault. Is it because I called her a 'sex friend' (friend with benefits) from the beginning? If I had called Erena your girlfriend, Sōta might not have betrayed Erena last night. Even if it's a joke, if you give a name to it, it becomes the name, huh.

Yoshioka Saeko, also known as Takahashi Saeko: What does it mean to love seriously?

Episode 09

Kato Erena: The hardest part was not knowing exactly what's going on, so I'm glad I could find out the truth.

Olivier Tréluyer: If he thinks he really did the right thing, I think it's fine. Even if he was wrong, since it's something he did after thinking a lot about it, there's no helping it. I think that's fine, too.

Yoshioka Saeko, also known as Takahashi Saeko: Matsuri went through a lot. It must have been painful. But... you're wrong. Matsuri's previous love failing is not because you believed in that guy. It's because the partner to believe in was not right.
Yoshioka Saeko, also known as Takahashi Saeko: Just because you got hurt a lot, if you randomly decide to hold back after that, you won't find happiness. Isn't it weird that Matsuri has to lose out on happiness because of a guy like that?
Yoshioka Saeko, also known as Takahashi Saeko: If Matsuri wants to believe in Olivier, isn't it fine if you just believe in him and leave it up to him?
Yoshioka Saeko, also known as Takahashi Saeko: If you don't believe in your partner, nothing is going to go well. Just go along with it. If you don't move forward, you can't determine if it's right or wrong. While you're still young, you should fail a lot, and build experience for the future.

Episode 10

Inoue Kaoruko: You're even kind to the people you don't want to meet, huh?
Yoshioka Saeko, also known as Takahashi Saeko: You never know if that person becomes someone I want to meet later on.
Yoshioka Saeko, also known as Takahashi Saeko: Does Kaoruko want to have a good relationship with this person?
Inoue Kaoruko: Hmm, I wonder?
Yoshioka Saeko, also known as Takahashi Saeko: Do you want to be loved by this person?
Inoue Kaoruko: Hmm. But you know, if I have to do something in order to be loved, I'd rather that I wasn't loved or something.
Yoshioka Saeko, also known as Takahashi Saeko: Well, indeed if the other side loves you without you having to do anything, that's the best. But that doesn't normally happen.
Inoue Kaoruko: Eh?
Yoshioka Saeko, also known as Takahashi Saeko: Even for sweets, it's enough for them to be delicious, but still, in order to sell, they have cute shapes and colors, I think they need to make an effort to be loved.
Yoshioka Saeko, also known as Takahashi Saeko: Whether it's consciously or unconsciously, the people who make an effort to appeal to other people, I think those are the people that are loved.
Yoshioka Saeko, also known as Takahashi Saeko: Hmm, I see. But isn't it great to be loved by someone? And even this person, if he likes Kaoruko, he would quickly reply to texts, various things would change. Then Kaoruko might fall in love with this person too.
Inoue Kaoruko. Ah, I guess. (Hmm? Eh? After making him fall in love with me, if he falls in love with me, I'll fall in love with him? I feel like I just heard a world-changing theory.)
Yoshioka Saeko, also known as Takahashi Saeko: And then seeing that you fell in love with someone else, as a result, it might actually go well with the original person too.
Yoshioka Saeko, also known as Takahashi Saeko: It's like mountain climbing. To be able to climb the mountain you want one day, you have to climb other mountains in practice, right?
Inoue Kaoruko: I guess. (What is this? Since just now, this person seems like a really smart person. Indeed, sweets do their best to decorate themselves, and try to appeal to customers. If they don't, they won't sell, and they won't become popular.)
Inoue Kaoruko: (Eh? It's the same as that? People are sweets? The reason I don't sell at all is because I don't put in the expected effort? So it's wrong that I get mad at customers who don't show any interest, saying they just don't get it?)
Inoue Kaoruko: (Eh I was wrong? This woman was right? That can't be true. But at least, it's certain that this woman is more positive and proactive than I am.)

Yoshioka Saeko, also known as Takahashi Saeko: Be careful that you don't say negative things all the time.

Yoshioka Saeko, also known as Takahashi Saeko: Anyway, we must have Sekiya Hiroaki enjoy himself. Encouragement and flattery are effective.

Yoshioka Saeko, also known as Takahashi Saeko: When you're leaving, say "Today was a lot of fun. Please invite me again, okay?"

Inoue Kaoruko: Doesn't Saeko think it's something you don't want to do?
Yoshioka Saeko, also known as Takahashi Saeko: What is?
Inoue Kaoruko: Being the one to invite other people.
Yoshioka Saeko, also known as Takahashi Saeko: But if no one invites the other person, nothing will begin.
Inoue Kaoruko: But the other side not saying anything means that he doesn't really want to go, right?
Yoshioka Saeko, also known as Takahashi Saeko: But Kauruko doesn't mind going if she was invited by the other person, right?
Inoue Kaoruko: Well, frankly, I think the guy should be the one doing the invitation. If it's a guy who won't do that, I think like I don't need him from the beginning. But you know, from the guy's point of view, it's like I don't need you either anyway...

Episode 11