12 December 2013

ダンダリン 労働基準監督官 Danda Rin Rōdō Kijun Kantokukan

  • ダンダリン Danda Rin
  • ダンダリン 労働基準監督官 Danda Rin Rōdō Kijun Kantokukan
English Title:
  • Danda Rin
  • Danda Rin Labor Standards Inspector
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2013
Episode: 11
  • 竹内結子 Takeuchi Yko
  • 北村一輝 Kitamura Kazuki
  • 松坂桃李 Matsuzaka Tori
  • 風間俊介 Kazama Shunsuke
  • トリンドル玲奈 Triendl Reina
  • 大倉孝二 Okura Koji
  • 佐野史郎 Sano Shiro
  • 風間俊介 Kazama Shunsuke

Danda Rin works as a labor standards inspector. She has recently transferred to the West Tokyo office from the Aoyama office because of her own issues at work.

Rin has encountered many labor standards violations on her way to work. She confronted the people at the establishments and companies about said work violations.

Barely making it to the office just in time, Rin meets her new colleagues Doteyama Ikuo, Minamisanjo Kazuya, Komiya Ruriko, Onda Yuji, and Tanaka Shoji.

Danda Rin Rōdō Kijun Kantokukan is a drama about labor standards and labor standard inspectors. I think most people, particularly those who are part of the labor force, would benefit from watching the drama as they would learn about good working conditions. People, whether they are employers or employees, would also learn about their rights and responsibilities.

Danda Rin: Have you read the Labor Standards Act? There's a passage written in the beginning of the Labor Standards Act. "It's a Requirement to see an employee and employer's viewpoints as equivalent."

Danda Rin is a strange character; she doesn't look at people when she talks to them and she walks in a funny way. I don't know if it was the characterization itself or if actress Takeuchi Yuko was not able to portray her character well but it's very hard to empathize with Rin.

Danda Rin: "Over the mountains, far to travel, people say happiness dwells." by Carl Busse

I hate the opening scene of Danda Rin Rōdō Kijun Kantokukan, because it seemed as if Rin had passed away, based on how her colleagues talked about her. It made me think twice about actually watching the drama because I think it's frustrating to know the outcome when I'm just starting with it. I had trouble paying attention to what is actually happening because I kept thinking about whether she died or not, and what caused her death if she actually died.

I was particularly frustrated with the drama's first episode because what actually happened could not be any further from the insinuated scenario. I don't know what the drama production wanted to convey with such a presentation, and I'm not entirely satisfied that there isn't a better way to show it.

ダンダリン 労働基準監督官 Danda Rin Rōdō Kijun Kantokukan