25 October 2013

불의 여신 정이 Goddess of Fire Jung Yi

Title: 불의 여신 정이 Bool-ui Yeosin Jung Yi
English Title:
  • Goddess of Fire
  • Goddess of Fire Jung Yi
  • Jung Yi, Goddess of Fire
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Year: 2013
  • 문근영 Moon Geun Young
  • 이상윤 Lee Sang Yoon
  • 김범 Kim Bum
  • 박건형 Park Gun-hyung
  • 서현진 Seo Hyun Jin
  • 진지희 Jin Ji Hee
  • 노영학 No Young Hak
  • 박건태 Park Gun Tae
  • 오승윤 Oh Seung Yoon
  • 김지민 Kim Ji Min

Yoo Jung, also known as Jung Yi, aims to become the best porcelain artist in the Joseon period. Inherently talented, she honed her skills and underwent extensive training to achieve her goal.

Prince Kwang Hae has been in love with Yoo Jung since they were children but he could not marry her because of his social position.


불의 여신 정이 Goddess of Fire Jung Yi