20 September 2013

후아유 Who Are You

Title: 후아유 Hoo Ah Yoo
English Title: Who Are You?
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Year: 2013
Episode: 16
  • 소이현 So Yi Hyun
  • 옥택연 Ok Taek Yeon (택연 Taecyeon)
  • 김재욱 Kim Jae Wook
  • 김예원 Kim Ye Won
  • 김창완 Kim Chang Wan
  • 노영학 No Young Hak
  • 오희준 Oh Hee Joon
  • 최우식 Choi Woo Shik

Police officer Lee Hyung Joon gets spotted by gangsters while doing an investigation. His work partner and girlfriend Yang Shi On sees Hyung Joon get fatally shot but she has to run away when the gangsters then see her. Shi On gets hit on the head and loses her consciousness.

Shi On lies comatose in the hospital for six years. She suddenly wakes up from her condition on her thirtieth birthday, although she has no memory of the incident where she got injured and her partner Hyung Joon died while working undercover.

Shi On gets back to work but she is reassigned to the Lost and Found Center where she has to deal with insolent new employee Cha Gun Woo. Gun Woo is frustrated that he has to work under the 'crazy coma lady', as Shi On is nicknamed at work, but Shi On keeps him in line and tells him that she is still his superior at work and he should do a good job because she will do his work evaluation form.

As Shi On tries to cope with daily life, she notices that she can now see people who other people cannot see...

I don't really know what to make of Who Are You because I do not understand the plot and its parameters. If a character suddenly sees ghosts, there should be a reasonable explanation why the character can do so and the same thing applies if a character suddenly stops seeing ghosts. Otherwise, you can't really get behind the character as a viewer.

It is not clear how and why Yang Shi On can suddenly see ghosts after waking up from a comatose condition for six years. Consequently, it is also not explained how and why Shi On suddenly lost the ability to see ghosts. In the same manner, it is a mystery how and why Lee Hyung Joon can suddenly see ghosts when Shi On lost her ability to do so.

When Hyung Joon was assigned to a supposedly less-than-stellar police unit under a female and a presumably crazy boss, he was acting out and being a brat so I really like what Shi On told him, "If you cooperate, fate will guide you, but if you don’t cooperate, fate will force you."

후아유 Who Are You?