27 September 2013

투윅스 Two Weeks

Title: 투윅스 Toowickseu
English Title: Two Weeks
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Year: 2013
Episode: 16
  • 이준기 Lee Jun Ki
  • 박하선 Park Ha Sun
  • 김소연 Kim So Yeon
  • 류수영 Ryu Soo Young
  • 이채미 Lee Chae Mi

Jang Tae San is a good-for-nothing gangster. He went into prison a few years back in place of his boss in order to keep the love of his life safe.

Seo In Hye approaches Tae San to undergo a blood test to see if he is a match as a donor to their daughter Seo Su Jin. In Hye was Tae San's girlfriend eight years ago but they broke up and went their separate ways.

Tae San finds out he is a match and he has two weeks before the scheduled operation. However, a murder takes place in his neighborhood and he is the suspect.

Prosecutor Park Jae Kyung is after the mob boss and the two-faced politician who killed her father. She is devastated to find out that her mole, the mob boss' girlfriend, was murdered and the suspected killer is the same person who falsely admitted to killing her father a few years back.

Police officer Im Seung Woo is assigned to capture the murder suspect. He is also In Hye's fiance and acts as surrogate father to Su Jin.

Two Weeks is not for the fainthearted, and it's not really something I'd willingly choose to watch if not for the actors. I'm not that good with suspense thrillers; even though I know there will be a happy ending for the lead characters, I still get caught up in the tense moments.

I'm somewhat conflicted with Seo In Hye being in a romantic relationship with Im Seung Woo when she still has lingering feelings with Jang Tae San. On one hand, I think she's right in wanting to move on with her life especially if she has decided that she does not want a future with Tae San. On the other hand, isn't it sad to be in Seung Woo's place because although he is loved by In Hye, he isn't loved enough?

But then again, it seems that Seung Woo is aware of the situation and he is content with what In Hye can offer. In the greater scheme of things, if he's okay with how things are then does that make it alright?

Anyway, I'm not satisfied with the drama's ending, mainly because it is open-ended and I really wanted a clear-cut 'and they lived happily ever after' for Tae San and his family. First and foremost, he more than deserves it after everything he's been through. Second, he has already wasted eight years apart from In Hye and Su Jin when they should have been together; I would think he would realize how precious time is and work on spending it together with his loved ones.

I suppose it is difficult to expect major changes in one's life after just two weeks, which is the setting of the drama. But these two weeks are extraordinary for Tae San and his loved ones in that the significance of life and time are magnified thousandfold for them.

I think I just got attached to Tae San and I want to be assured that he will be happy. Whenever we meet people and spend a short time with them, it is inevitable that we'll grow apart and not keep in touch in the future. But then in these times, there are ways to keep tabs on these people who came into our lives; through various social networking sites, through friends and relatives, and even through friends of friends.

With drama characters, there's just no way we can find out later on that they are okay and living well. Of course, I could always assume Tae San had a happy ending but it's different when I'm just making assumptions compared to a straightforward presentation in the ending.

투윅스 Two Weeks