23 September 2013

半沢直樹 Hanzawa Naoki Quotes

Title: 半沢直樹 Hanzawa Naoki
English Title: Hanzawa Naoki

Episode 01: Double Payback! A new hero arises to stand up against the evil superior!! Can the JPY500 million yen be recovered? War among the wives at the company housing, Promotion? Friendship?

Hanzawa Naoki: I believe in people's good will but if they screw me, I'll screw them back. Double payback. That's my style.

Higashida Mitsuru: Have you ever heard this saying? "Banks lend an umbrella on a clear day, and take it away on a rainy day."

Tomari Shinobu: Listen. Don't say more than you have to. Even if it's not the truth, just say 'yes' or 'I'm sorry'. Other than that, don't say anything. If this is a losing battle anyway, damage control is all we can do... In this situation, it is smarter to quietly let it go. If everything goes well, you can start over. Okay?

Hanzawa Naoki: I apologize deeply. In regards to this loan, I'm partially responsible and for that, I apologize.
Ogiso Tadao: Partially?
Hanzawa Naoki: However, I object to the fact that I alone am being held accountable for this whole matter. In regards to that request for approval, I was merely following my superior's order. The document was snatched away prior to my examination, and was sent on to headquarters. At that time, bank manager Asano clearly stated that he will take all the responsibility.
Ogiso Tadao: Are you shifting your responsibility to your manager? We talked to both manager Asano and assistant manager Ejima beforehand. Both of them said that was never said.
Hanzawa Naoki: I'm simply telling you the truth. Whatever the manager said was his agenda.
Ogiso Tadao: You seem to feel no remorse whatsoever.
Hanzawa Naoki: If being amiable can bring back JPY500 million, I will do so, but that's a waste of time. Can you please quickly end this senseless farce?
Ogiso Tadao: Enough is enough! No matter what, you, as the loan manager, is responsible for overlooking the window dressing!
Hanzawa Naoki: Yes, absolutely. But by the same token, the headquarters' Loan Examining Division is just as guilty.
Sadaoka Tadayuki: Say what?
Hanzawa Naoki: I provided the same material to you. The Loan Examining Division spent three days going over the paperwork before approving the loan, yet they couldn't spot the window dressing.
Sadaoka Tadayuki: That's because you coerced them into giving an approval!
Hanzawa Naoki: Will the Loan Examining Division approve a loan if they're coerced? In that case, I'll coerce them every time from now on. If that's all it takes to get approval, it makes life a lot easier for us.
Sadaoka Tadayuki: Our policy is to let the bank branches handle its business. We respect the decision of employees in the field above all else. That means that the final responsibility lies with the employees at the bank branches.
Hanzawa Naoki: If that's the case, why do we need you? What's the use in having a Loan Examining Division in the headquarters if it can't be held accountable? A department like that is worthless. Do away with it!

Nakanowatari Ken: People's value cannot be monetized. That's what I believe. Bankers like us are given the power to move enormous amounts of money. If we feel so inclined, it's a power that can make or break a person's life. That's precisely why bankers should be looking at people and not money. That's what I believe.

Episode 02: Avoid being framed by the superior! Double payback for his actions!

Kakiuchi ?: The supervisor takes credit for his subordinate's good deed. The subordinate takes responsibility for his supervisor's blunder.

Hanzawa Naoki: If you screw me, I'll screw you right back. Double payback. That's my way of doing things.

Episode 03: Double payback for this superior! Saving a subordinate who is in trouble!? A traitor appears

Episode 04: It is 10 times the payback! Betrayal between superior and subordinate

Hanzawa Hana: There's something I realized after working for the first time in a while. Like your mother's desire to protect the company your father left behind, like my colleague's dream to someday be a successful flower designer,  like my desire to buy Naoki a new briefcase... that women are working not just for money but also for all kinds of different reasons.

Hanzawa Naoki: "Do your best and let the heavens do the rest," as the saying goes.

Episode 05: Hanzawa's transfer…!? To fight to the death!

Episode 06: JPY500 million to JPY1.2 billion! Double payback in Tokyo too? Hanzawa's battle with his nemesis!!

Hanzawa Naoki: I dare you to do it if you can.

Kozato Nario: It's impossible!
Hanzawa Naoki: You gotta try first before you say it's impossible.
Kozato Nario: That's why I told you it's impossible.
Hanzawa Naoki: No, you're wrong. When there's a will, there's a way.

Owada Akira: Sure, I understand. But you know, we're both basically saying the same thing. It's just a matter of difference in perspective.

Episode 07: Hanzawa kneels to beg! He faces a tough situation

Kondo Naosuke: I decided to stop trying to curry favor with whoever I'm dealing with. That's what it means to seriously face the challenge, isn't it?

Episode 08: A tough rival appears! Losing will result in transfer

Hanzawa Naoki: You said it yourself, didn't you? That people make or break a business. Placing a person at the top of the company based solely on preconceptions obtained through blind faith in other people's opinion without actually meeting the person, is a complete self-contradiction, isn't it?

Episode 09: The final showdown! ~Survive the FSA inspection or be transferred!!

Tomari Shinobu: Where the hell did you hide the files?
Hanzawa Naoki: "The darkest place is under the candlestick," as they say.

Kondo Naosuke: Is that why you became a 'yes' man? Sure, compared to saying no, it's much easier to say yes. But you know, once salarymen like us start saying only 'yes', our job becomes merely a process and a process can be performed by robots. But we cannot allow ourselves to become robots. That's something I learned from my colleague.

Hanzawa Naoki: It's the owner who has to decide what to do with his company, not the bank... Ultimately, bankers like us can only put our faith in the owner.

Episode 10: 100 times the payback! Who will be kneeling in the end! ~ A shocking end!! Friendship? Betrayal?

Hanzawa Naoki: You said mega banks are supporting the economy of this country and can never go under no matter what. Just as you said, banks should never go under. But by getting too fixated on that, haven't we turned into a group that only thinks about ourselves without realizing it? We cast away the weak and think nothing of forcing our self-serving ideas onto others. Problems get put off and not one person takes responsibility. We cling on to foolish faction rivalry and constantly check each other out. Subordinates are constantly gauging the superiors' feelings, and won't speak up and say what they think is right. A bank like that might as well have gone under!
Hanzawa Naoki: In this world, there are many people and businesses who really need the bank's help. If we're going to continue betraying them, we might as well not exist. Let's not go on fooling ourselves anymore. Black is black, and white is white. Don't you think so?