10 June 2013

お天気お姉さん Otenki Onēsan

Title: お天気お姉さん Otenki Onēsan
English Title:
  • The Weather Girl
  • The Weather Girl Knows
County: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2013
Episode: 09
  • 武井咲 Takei Emi
  • 大倉忠義 Okura Tadayoshi
  • 佐々木蔵之介 Sasaki Kuranosuke
  • 佐々木希 Sasaki Nozomi
  • 笛木優子 Fueki Yuko (유민 Yoo Min)
  • 野間口徹 Nomaguchi Toru
  • 近江谷太朗 Omiya Taro
  • 壇蜜 Dan Mitsu
  • 内藤理沙 Naito Risa
  • 野村麻純 Nomura Masumi
  • 鈴木伸之 Suzuki Nobuyuki
  • 丸山智己 Maruyama Tomomi
  • 高知東生 Takachi Noboru
  • 梅船惟永 Umefune Ariei
  • 河野直樹 Kōno Naoki
  • 川島潤哉 Kawashima Junya

Abe Haruko will soon become the weather forecaster for the popular television show MorningZ. Haruko is often called a genius, because she passed the test to become a meteorologist at the age of 11. Because of her extensive knowledge about the weather, Haruko often helps the police in their investigations.

Detective Aoki Gota has an easy-going personality and a laid back attitude. His superior at work calls him Yutori because he belongs to the yutori generation, an era where the children generally take things easy while things are always provided for them.

Otenki Onēsan is about a weather forecaster who helps the police solve crimes and apprehend criminals because of her extensive knowledge about the weather.

Weather does not seem to be the first thing one normally associates with crimes so it seems a little bit far-fetched that Abe Haruko can actually help the police in any significant way but she does by explaining how some things may happen due to weather conditions.

I have seen a lot of crime dramas, but this is a particularly strange one because it seems very unlikely that a weather forecaster has access to all the required information in order to make an informed decision about any specific case at all.

Anyway, weather is very important to people even though that fact seemed more evident in the past. In a way, being able to read and predict weather conditions is quite crucial in preparing for whatever may come.

Narrator: In the old days, it was said that those that control the weather will control the country. Himiko of the Yamatai Kingdom got the respect from the people by predicting the weather. The miracle of Oda Nobunaga where he defeated Imagawa Yoshimoto with a small force in Okehazama was because of a split decision where he predicted a sudden shower of rain.

Weather forecaster Haruko was made to seem interesting by giving her an anti-social personality and eccentric disposition. I don't know if it's just me but she came across as unreadable, and therefore makes her not relatable at all.

I think television announcer Hashimoto Akane is fascinating because she is a nicely layered character. She seems nice but she has a very passive-aggressive way of saying and doing things. She has that compelling dichotomy of good and evil, and it's such a treat to see which way she'll swing when it really matters.

I liked the case in the first episode about the ball lightning phenomenon because it has enough anecdotal evidence over a long period of time and it seems plausible considering the scientific facts, but it is an extraordinary concept that still seems magical.

お天気お姉さん Otenki Onēsan