22 June 2013

ラスト♡シンデレラ Last ♡ Cinderella

Title: ラスト♡シンデレラ Rasuto ♡ Shinderera (Last ♡ Cinderella)
English Title: Last Cinderella
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2013
Episode: 10
  • 篠原涼子 Shinohara Ryoko
  • 三浦春馬 Miura Haruma
  • 藤木直人 Fujiki Naohito
  • 菜々緒 Nanao
  • 飯島直子 Ījima Naoko
  • 大塚寧々 Otsuka Nene
  • 遠藤章造 Endo Shozo
  • 橋本さとし Hashimoto Satoshi
  • 滝沢沙織 Takizawa Saori
  • 平田薫 Hirata Kaoru
  • Naoto

Hair stylist Toyama Sakura is career-oriented and she's devoted to her customers. Currently the assistant manager at the hair salon where she's working, she was looking forward to her promotion as the manager but that didn't happen.

Sakura's childhood friend and old colleague Tachibana Rintaro came back to the hair salon as the new manager. Rintaro always criticizes Sakura for talking and acting like a man. He advises her to change her ways if she wants to be successful in her career and in life.

Sakura's closest frends are Takenouchi Miki and Hasegawa Shima, and they regularly get together to talk about their issues. Miki is so busy taking care of her children that she has not engaged in sexual relations with her husband for quite a while. Divorced Shima is unhappy with her perennially single status and she's constantly having sex with random strangers in public restrooms.

Ogami Chiyoko has loved her hair stylist Rintaro for quite a while and she becomes alarmed when she overhears that Rintaro may have romantic feelings for Sakura. Chiyoko invites Sakura to a party where she arranges for a young man to seduce Sakura.

Saeki Hiroto is twenty years old and a professional BMX rider. Chiyoko has asked him attend a party and to seduce Sakura. Hiroto finds Sakura extremely drunk and barefooted, and as he gives Sakura her shoes, he calls her his 'Cinderella'...


ラスト♡シンデレラ Last ♡ Cinderella