15 May 2013

県庁おもてなし課 Kenchō Omotenashi Ka

Title: 県庁おもてなし課 Kenchō Omotenashi Ka
English Title:
  • Hospitality Department
  • Prefectural Office Hospitality Section
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2013
  • 錦戸亮 Nishikido Ryo
  • 堀北真希 Horikita Maki
  • 船越英一郎 Funakoshi Eichiro
  • 高良健吾 Kora Kengo
  • 関めぐみ Seki Megumi
  • 甲本雅裕 Komoto Masahiro
  • 松尾諭 Masato Satoru
  • 生田智子 Ikuta Tomoko
  • 田辺愛美 Tanabe Manami
  • 阿部丈二 Abe Joji
  • 松山メアリ Matsuyama Mary
  • 志賀廣太郎 Shiga Kotaro
  • 大島蓉子 Oshima Yoko
  • 石井正則 Ishi Masanori
  • 相島一之 Aijima Kazuyuki
  • 小日向文世 Kohinata Fumiyo

Kakemizu Fumitaka works in the Hospitality Department of the local prefectural government, which is tasked to promote Kochi for tourism. He came up with an idea to ask famous people who are from Kochi to become tourism ambassadors, which is what other prefectures have done.

However, the people who work in the Hospitality Department either don't have an idea what to do or don't really care about doing their jobs properly. They didn't do anything  after compiling a list of tourism ambassadors.

Acclaimed writer Yoshikado Kyosuke contacted Fumitaka about his role as a Kochi tourism ambassador, and he's disappointed  that nothing much has happened after he was contacted a month ago. He told Fumitaka to look up the person who came up with the Panda Plan in the past, and hire that person as a consultant.

Kenchō Omotenashi Ka is an interesting movie about the Hospitality section of a local prefectural government whose job is to promote their area for tourism. It talks about how difficult it is to create advertising plans for small towns, and how the bureaucratic system and the red tape in public offices make things even more difficult for public servants to do their jobs.

Kakemizu Fumitaka: But how do we know if we don't try?

Yoshikado Kyosuke: If you really take tourism promotion seriously, go hire some outside staff; female, young, and most importantly, she can't be a public servant. Before you ask, I'll tell you why. In general, women love to travel, and they are picky about the locations. They are also budget conscious.

Yoshikado Kyosuke: You're cooking has improved, Sawa!
Kiyoto Sawa: Of course, we are running a business. We have to be professional if customers are paying us.

Kakemizu Fumitaka: But, the manager said complaining is not a bad thing. Complaining shows dissatisfaction.

Kakemizu Fumitaka: Hospitality... well, when we invite guests over, we do a lot to make sure they have a good time. We'll tidy the room, clean the toilet, and prepare something delicious. That's called hospitality, right?

Kakemizu Fumitaka: It's natural to be proud of the place where you were born. However, that feeling along isn't enough to show guests hospitality. As we welcome people to Kochi, as their hosts, we should fully understand how amazing our place is. that's very important. If we don't know how great our place is, we shouldn't invite people over.

Kakemizu Fumitaka is such a weird fellow, because he doesn't seem to have an ounce of common sense. He seems to not know even the basic things really, like how to do research, or how to relate to people, or how to do his work properly. He even asks the strangest questions.

Kakemizu Fumitaka: As a man, should I be happy to be called a "good person"?

Anyway, acclaimed writer Yoshikado Kyosuke is in love with Kiyoto Sawa and things turned out well between the two of them when Kyosuke went back to Kochi for a while. Their relationship is very unusual though, because they grew up as siblings when Kyosuke's mother and Sawa's father got married when they were younger. Their parents later got divorced though, so officially they are no longer related to each other.

Kyosuke has a very fascinating profession, because he can just bring his laptop and he can technically work anywhere. It would take a lot of discipline to work as a writer since you need to establish your own work hours, and you need to actively take part in planning the whole writing process.

県庁おもてなし課 Kenchō Omotenashi Ka