30 May 2013

Before Midnight

Title: Before Midnight
Country: United States of America
Language: English
Year: 2013
  • Ethan Hawke
  • Julie Delpy
  • Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick
  • Jennifer Prior
  • Charlotte Prior
  • Xenia Kalogeropoulou
  • Walter Lassally
  • Ariane Labed
  • Yannis Papadopoulos
  • Athina Rachel Tsangari
  • Panos Koronis
  • Enrico Focardi
  • Manolis Goussias
  • Anouk Servera
  • Yota Argyropoulou
  • Serafeim Radis

We meet Jesse and Céline nine years on in Greece. Almost two decades have passed since their first meeting on that train bound for Vienna.

Before Midnight looks at two individuals almost a decade after they rekindled their relationship in Before Sunset, and almost twenty years after they had first met in Before Sunrise.

It shows how Céline and James Wallace, also known as Jesse, have changed over the years. It also reveals how their relationship evolved over time. In Before Midnight, Céline and Jesse are not only lovers, they have also become parents to adorable twin daughters.

Because the focus of the film is the characters' dialogues, I love how the topics are thought-provoking, and how Céline and Jesse talked endlessly as if they are really speaking as they are thinking, without regard to organizing their thoughts in their minds first.

In the movie, Céline and Jesse are sometimes engaged in conversations with other characters: a couple who are much older, a couple who are roughly of the same age, and another couple who are much younger. It's good to see other characters this time around, and it's fascinating to hear their different views on whatever topic is being discussed at hand.

I like how they explored Southern Peloponnese of Greece: on foot and without a plan. That's my travel fantasy actually, arrive in a destination and just wander around aimlessly.

Anyway, I didn't think there'd be any more Before... films after the first two, but I liked that there's a third movie and I think it would be interesting to have more. I wonder how it will be titled though, maybe Before Dawn?

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