20 March 2013

プラチナデータ Platina Data

Title: プラチナデータ Purachina Dēta (Platina Data) (Platinum Data)
English Title:
  • Platina Data
  • Platinum Data
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2013
  • 二宮和也 Ninomiya Kazunari
  • 豊川悦司 Toyokawa Etsushi
  • 渡辺杏 Watanabe An (杏 Anne)
  • 鈴木保奈美 Suzuki Honami
  • 生瀬勝久 Namase Katsuhisa
  • 水原 希子 Mizuhara Kiko
  • 和田聰宏 Wada Soko
  • 遠藤要 Endo Kaname
  • 中村育二 Nakamura Ikuji
  • 萩原聖人 Hagiwara Masato
  • 中丸新将 Nakamaru Shinshō
  • 菅原大吉 Sugawara Daikichi

嵐 Arashi - Breathless
Kagura Ryuhei works as a system developer at the Special Analysis Research Institute (SARI) of the National Police Agency (NPA). He created the DNA Investigation System, which uses DNA analysis and DNA profiling in police investigations.

Although detective Asama Reiji appreciates that the program Ryuhei developed has helped him catch criminals, he is concerned that Ryuhei gets people's DNA information through illegal means.

The detective raised the issue with Ryuhei, but Ryuhei says it won't remain a problem because the Japanese government will approve the DNA Act soon, a new legislation that requires people to submit their DNA information to the national research database called Platina Data (Platinum Data).

Reiji is assigned to work on several cases of murder that seem to be related. The first three victims were actively opposed to the passing of the DNA Act, and they were all killed in the same manner.

The victims of the latest incident are siblings Tateshina Kosaku and Tateshina Saki, an autistic person who is a mathematics genius. Saki works on the configuration software of the DNA Criminal Investigation System with Ryuhei, and her older brother Kosaku acts as their intermediary.

Kosaku and Saki were killed in the Shinseiki University Hospital, a modern research facility with advanced security measures. When Reiji checked the security camera footage, Reiji saw that Ryuhei was in the building within the time frame that the crime may have occurred.

Ryuhei uses the DNA Investigation System to get the suspect's profile, and he is stunned when the Platina Data shows that his DNA is a perfect match.

Platina Data is an interesting movie about DNA analysis and DNA profiling, and other advanced measures of getting people's information and tracking their whereabouts.

Kagura Ryuhei has unwavering belief in DNA, and he strongly acknowledges that he has created a perfect DNA Investigation System to make use of the absolute information that can be gleaned through DNA analysis. Consequently, Ryuhei fully supports the establishment of the national research database called Platina Data (Platinum Data) because without people's DNA information, his program won't be of much use.

I liked the film, though there are many things about it that I found confusing. It's hard to talk about it without revealing the plot so let's just say, I'm really curious how many things are defined within the movie's parameters, such as split personality or multiple personality disorder and perfect person.

Kagura Ryuhei: Fate and possibilities definitely don't belong to the domain of science and genetics. To open up the future, it depends on one's self-determination. I'm glad I learned this important lesson.

I have mixed feelings about Platina Data. On one hand, it seems necessary because it really helps the police to arrest serial killers, as shown in the film. On the other hand, I am very concerned about privacy of personal information so I have a lot of issues with a research database of people's DNA information, which if you agree with Ryuhei, provides extensive data about a person.

When Ryuhei was identified as the suspect in several murder cases by the DNA Investigation System that he created, he must have been confounded and devastated because everything he has so much faith in have failed him.

Because Platina Data is of the suspense thriller genre, bits and pieces of information are revealed along the way. Intelligent and logical Ryuhei has split personality. His other personality named Ryu is the complete opposite of Ryuhei; sensitive and artistic. Ryuhei seems to think that Ryu may have committed the murders.

Ryuhei's colleague Shiratori Risa is an undercover spy for the US government. Although I know the information was revealed when it had to be shown, I think it would have been better for the movie if there were some clues that support such premise. There could have been a scene were Risa was secretly communicating with foreigners before she told Ryuhei that she is a spy.

Mathematical genius Tateshina Saki and her older brother Tateshina Kosaku have completed Mogul, a supplemental software program to Platina Data, before they were killed but no one knows what it is or where it is. Ryuhei and Saki may just be colleagues, but Ryu and Saki are lovers.

Minakami Eriko has been giving psychiatric treatment to Ryuhei (and Ryu) and Saki since they were teenagers. She is an expert on DNA analysis and mental illness, so she's also their consultant at work. She explicitly told Ryuhei that she wants to make a perfect child, but there was no indication about her desire to do so prior to their conversation.

I don't know, it just seems that I'm being given information that I'm supposed to accept as the truth, but it doesn't resonate well with me for some reason. There are no evidence to the contrary, so that's not the problem, it's just that I can't help questioning things.

Anyway, the research database is not really to collect people's information for DNA analysis and DNA profiling. The real Platina Data was created to protect some privileged individuals and their families by masking their genetic information and hiding their profiles from the search settings. When the DNA of these select individuals are analyzed, the DNA Investigation System will come up with a NF or 'not found' result.

プラチナデータ Platina Data