21 September 2012

응답하라 1997 (Answer Me 1997) Quotes

Title: 응답하라 1997 Eungdabhara 1997
English Title:
  • Answer Me 1997
  • Reply 1997
  • Respond 1997

Episode 01: Eighteen

Episode 02: Becoming More and More Different

Sung Dong Il: (Being last in class ranking is) not a big deal? Woman, there are things she should and shouldn't do.

Yoon Yoon Jae: In go-stop, you have to get a pair of the same card to earn points. Once, we tried to be a pair too. But one day, we started to change. Becoming different people... why was it so hard to admit it?

Yoon Yoon Jae: Everyone is different. That's the way of the world. The way of growing up.
Yoon Yoon Jae: At the age of eighteen, we were growing up, and therefore changing from each other. At the same time, we had to confront another growing pain; that of accepting others.

Yoon Yoon Jae: The law of maturity. A boy becomes a man, and a girl becomes a woman. But if he becomes a man while she is still becoming a woman, the problem lies in that time gap.

Episode 03: What You See Is Not Everything

Lee Il Hwa: Do you have to watch the news right now?
Sung Dong Il: How stupid and ignorant of you. You have to know how things are going!
Lee Il Hwa: They won't get any better if you watch it!
Sung Dong Il: That's not the point!

Sung Shi Won: A secret refers to something I don't know about others... As I find out what I've believed isn't the truth, secrets have more power... Things I believe to be true aren't always true.

Sung Shi Won: The human mind is infinite. Neither its depth nor its end can be known. They fight to the death some days, and then they show their love and affection for each other. A normally hot-blooded male could become a coward in front of girls.
Sung Shi Won: Yes, the truth is inconvenient. But if we don't accept that, we have to live with lies. We have to accept inconvenient truths; what we see is not everything.

Episode 04: Fair Play

Sung Shi Won: Do you know what the best strategy is? Always tell the truth. They expect you to lie but if you confess, they just don't know what to say.

Yoon Yoon Jae: I knew it then that when you like someone, you can't stop looking at her. There is no gain without effort. You can't get what you want if you stand still. There is no such thing as fair play anymore.

Episode 05: The Counterattack of Life (Life's Counterattack)

Yoon Yoon Jae: Bumping into someone on the street, reaching for the same book at the library, or running under someone's umbrella; I thought that falling in love would be special. But how I fell in love was nothing like I imagined...

Yoon Yoon Jae: Life comes and attacks you when you least expect it. It might be sadness, or extreme fear. At that moment, the only thing we can do... what we can do is accept reality and admit we lost.

Yoon Yoon Jae: We don't know how life will turn out. There is no way we can avoid it. We just have to face it, and get hurt once in a while... But life sometimes thrills us with unexpected events, and gives us happiness when we overcome hardships... We don't know how life will turn out so we use all our senses to survive it.

Episode 06: Love Males You Do Things You Didn't Do Before

Yoon Yoon Jae: The only thing we can do for the people we love is to throw ourselves away. What makes you do things you wouldn't do; that's love.

Do Hak Chan: Then, let's meet in front of Tae Hwa Department Store at 2:00 pm. We can do whatever you want... Let's do what you like.

Episode 07: Future Hopes

Yoon Tae Woong: Your future dream is about what you can do for a living. You're about to grow up but if you have empty dreams, who will take care of you?
Yoon Tae Woong: That's why a person has to be content with a dream that's close. It hurts if you aim for a dream you can't reach. Unsatisfied passion is quite painful. That's why they say a one-sided love is foolish. If you meet someone who likes you, it's painless and it saves time.
Yoon Tae Woong: Let's find what you can do, not what you want to do.

Yoon Tae Woong: However, something foolish like unrequited love can have potential... that passion sometimes causes miracles. Sometimes, dreams come true from a distance... and even if you may not realize the dream, you can get close to it and find happiness.
Yoon Tae Woong: Of course, that's very rare. Unrequited love usually ends in failure. But it's also sad if you're afraid and you give up before you even try it out.
Yoon Tae Woong: First, do what you want instead of what you can.

Episode 08: D-Day

Yoon Yoon Jae: To prepare for this decisive D-Day, strategies must be perfect. You must know exactly where your enemies are, you must understand your enemies, you must be able to read your enemies' mind. You must not be careless, thinking you've prepared perfectly. On D-Day, there is only victory or failure.

Episode 09: The Thread of Fate

Yoon Yoon Jae: Some people believe they are born with an invisible red string tied around their little finger... The string is tied to a person they're destined to be with. However, it's hard finding out who is the person at the other end.

Yoon Yoon Jae: The string is as tangled as the number of people tied together. As we untangle it, we get to see our fate... If the red string of fate really exists, who is the one tied to my other end?

Episode 10: The Reason I Like You

Kang Joon Hee: The reason I like you? Because it's you. Just you. That's the only reason. I wish I knew. Then I could figure out how to stop liking you.

Episode 11: The Definition of Relationships

Yoon Tae Woong: A relationship determined before I was born. A relationship that ends against my will. That's family.

Sung Shi Won: Relationships have many different levels. For me, my relationship with Yoon Jae was one of the easiest. A relationship that was easy to explain and easy to maintain; a casual relationship between childhood friends. But that day, I realized something. Our relationship could become one of the hardest. A relationship with the highest level of difficulty; that of a man and a woman.

Yoon Yoon Jae: Men and women expect different things, look at different places, and dream different dreams. The relationship between a man and a woman is of ever-lasting love and fighting. They get upset and console each other. They fight and make up. They hurt and they embrace. A relationship as complicated as manic depressive disorder. But the hardest part is it can't start if the timing is wrong. A relationship that is too complicated and too sensitive.
Yoon Yoon Jae: There is one relationship that's as difficult yet unavoidable... A relationship that's tedious but inevitable. A relationship that lasts your entire life... That's family.

Do Hak Chan: The only advantage of the most complicated relationship on earth, that between a man and woman, is that any situation can be reversed with one word.

Episode 12: The Meaning Of A Hand

Sung Shi Won: Yoon Jae, can we just go back to being good friends again? Like you said, we've always been together since we were born. I'm not that smart, you know that. But I do know that you're the friend who means the most to me. So, you'll still be my friend, right?
Yoon Yoon Jae: If a man, if he tells a girl who doesn't like him, like a pathetic fool, if he confesses everything; it means he never wants to see her again...
Yoon Yoon Jae: Friend? Are you kidding me?!

Sung Shi won: Being a teenager is a stormy period because we don't know any answers. We don't know what we really want, who really loves us, who we really love... We struggle to find the answer.
Sung Shi Won: And finally, when we miraculously find the answer, we've already become adults and go through big and small goodbyes.

Episode 13: Next Time... No, Now

Sung Shi Won: Friend? Friend? Are you kidding me?!

Yoon Yoon Jae: Is it obvious when I lie? I live off my poker face!

Mo Yoo Jung: Be nice to your parents while you can. Don't regret it like me.

Bang Sung Jae: There is no better time than now. That next time may never come. To talk about a next time that may never come, when now is right in front of you... Life is too short for that.

Bang Sung Jae: If you give up now because you feel too weak or lazy, there is no hope for a next time. If you love her, the best time to love is now. Approach her before it's too late. You must confess now.
Bang Sung Jae: You never know what will happen in the future. Your next chance may never come.

Episode 14: The Heart Is What Makes You Love

Kang Joo Hee: Liking someone isn't a choice; it comes from your heart.
Kang Joo Hee: She likes you and you like her. I understand why you're avoiding her but it's not her fault both you and your brother liked her. Why does she have to be tactful? It's not her fault. Because you liked her for a long time and she didn't notice? It's not her mistake, she could have not known. Sometimes you don't notice when someone likes you.

Episode 15: While You Were Loving Someone

Yoon Yoon Jae: Sung Shi Won is Sung Shi Won, and Yoon Yoon Jae is Yoon Yoon Jae. We met, dated, and loved in our own way.

Episode 16: Why First Loves Don't Work Out

Yoon Yoon Jae: First love. The reason why we think first love is beautiful is not because people we first loved were actually handsome or pretty. It's because we were unconditional, innocent, or a bit stupid at the time of first love. And because... and because we know that we can never go back to that young, passionate time of our days.

Yoon Yoon Jae: First love is reckless. Without any calculation, it throws everything in with pure passion, and inevitably fails. But it is, at the same time, dramatic. It comes with inexplicable feelings that we never get to experience again so first love becomes the most dramatic moment of our lives.
Yoon Yoon Jae: It's okay to fail. Tragic stories stay longer than 'happily ever after'. It's nice to have that wonderful story as one chapter of one's life.

Yoon Yoon Jae: First love is a period of time. It never comes back. If the next love comes, time has to yield for that new love. It might not be as innocent as the first love, but it would be a little more mature due to the pain suffered with the first love.

Yoon Yoon Jae: A person who dreams of love, is the one who waits... And a person who waits can recognize the love when it comes near him.