05 March 2012

ライアーゲーム -再生- Liar Game - Saisei - (Liar Game - Reborn -)

Title: ライアーゲーム -再生- Raiā Gēmu (Liar Game) - Saisei  -
English Title:
  • Liar Game: Rebirth
  • Liar Game: Reborn
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2012
  • 松田翔太 Matsuda Shota
  • 多部未華子 Tabe Mikako
  • 芦田愛菜 Ashida Mana
  • 江角マキコ Esumi Makiko
  • 小池栄子 Koike Eiko
  • 濱田マリ Hamada Mari
  • 要潤 Kaname Jun
  • 鈴木浩介 Suzuki Kosuke
  • 鈴木一真 Suzuki Kazuma
  • 渡辺いっけい Watanabe Ikkei
  • 船越英一郎 Funakoshi Eīchiro

The Liar Game office is revived to exact revenge against Akiyama Shinichi. Shinichi refuses to take part in the game but he reluctantly does because of his student Shinomiya Yu.

Along with Shinichi, there's 19 other players competing for the prize of 2 billion yen. Child genius Alice sets up the game, chooses the players and sets the traps.

Although I admit that I watched the Liar Game series because of actor Matsuda Shota and the character Akiyama Shinichi, it was still weird to watch a Liar Game production without the character Kanzaki Nao.

Shinichi is such a prickly character that I concluded that the only reason he helped Nao is because she seemed so much like his mother and he felt responsible for her later on. However, I think it's illogical to expect Shinichi to always come to the rescue of all women just because they seem similar to his mother.

ライアーゲーム Liar Game
ライアーゲーム2 Liar Game 2
ライアーゲーム ザ・ファイナルステージ・ Liar Game: The Final Stage

ライアーゲーム -再生- Liar Game - Saisei - (Liar Game: Reborn -)