15 February 2012

小資女孩向前衝 Office Girls

Title: 小資女孩向前衝 Xiǎozī Nǚhái Xiàng Qián Chōng
English Title: Office Girls
Country: Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Language: Mandarin Chinese
Year: 2011
Episode: 25
  • 邱澤 Qiū Zé (Roy Qiu)
  • 柯佳嬿 Kē Jiā Yàn (Alice Ke)
  • 李毓芬 Li Yù Fēn (Tia Li)
  • 郭書瑤 Guō Shū Yáo
  • 溫昇豪 Wēn Shēng Háo (James Wen)
  • 蔡淑臻 Cài Shū Zhēn (Janel Tsai)
  • 李沛旭 Li Pèi Xù (Patrick Lee)

卓文萱 Zhuō Wén Xuān - 不要不要 Bùyào Bùyào (I Don't Want, I Don't Want)
Shen Xing Ren is an average office worker in the sales department of Jingshi Department Store. She works very hard and she saves all her money. She has just saved her first NT$1 million for the down payment on a house where she could live with her mother.

Qin Zi Qi is the son of the owner of the Jingshi Department Store. He took his MBA abroad but his father is worried that he is not qualified to take over the company. For a year, his father challenged him to work at the company as an entry-level employee and to conceal his true identity from his colleagues.

Zi Qi is assigned to the sales department and Xing Ren is tasked to train him. Xing Ren is having a hard time training a junior who does not really respect his seniors and who does not care about doing his work properly.

I'm glad I watched Office Girls because it's been quite a while since I liked a Taiwanese drama enough to be a favorite. I think it is one of the better written Taiwanese dramas because the plot is relatively well-developed and the characters are relatively well-defined.

The drama did have its shortcomings, of course, but I think it's quite good overall. However, I really must gripe about how characters who are supposed to be destitute are living in quite satisfactory accommodations such as poor Shen Xing Ren and her best friend Liu Yu Le.

I initially liked Zheng Kai Er because she seemed perfect: beautiful, stylish, polite, smart, accomplished and successful. I liked her even more when I found out that she came from a troubled background because it made her seem less perfect and her accomplishments seemed even more amazing in context.

Zheng Kai Er: "... I think it's a bit sad. A guy's worth is determined by his assets. A girl's worth is determined by her appearance. Assets will increase with time, but appearance is the opposite. Isn't it sad being a girl?"

So it was really quite disappointing that Kai Er eventually became malicious and evil. Her character's trajectory from being impressive to being hateful should not have been surprising really, considering that she is supposed to be the other girl in the drama, but I would prefer if she remained likeable until the end.

I think what really made me like the drama is the actor Roy Qiu. It seemed that he has been acting for quite a while but I'm not really familiar with any of his older productions. I can't honestly say if he is a good actor because I find him really charming so I'm somewhat satisfied with his acting. I do think he's great when he has to look at a girl as if he loves her with all his heart so in that sense, he's quite passable as a lead guy.

小資女孩向前衝 Office Girls