20 December 2008

流星の絆 Ryūsei no Kizuna

Title: 流星の絆 Ryūsei no Kizuna
English Title: Meteor Bond
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2008
Episodes: 10
  • 二宮和也 Ninomiya Kazunari
  • 錦戸亮 Nishikido Ryo
  • 戸田恵梨香 Toda Erika
  • 要潤 Kaname Jun
  • 中島美嘉 Nakashima Mika
  • 尾美としのり Omi Toshinori
  • 設楽統 Shitara Osamu
  • 柄本明 Emoto Akira
  • りょう Ryo
  • 寺島進 Terajima Susumu
  • 三浦友和 Miura Tomokazu
  • 桐谷健太 Kiritani Kenta

嵐 Arashi - Beautiful Days
Ariake Koichi is a young boy intent on watching a meteor shower and he sneaks out one night to do so. As he was sneaking out, he wakes up his younger siblings Ariake Taisuke and Ariake Shizuna. When the two find out where their older brother is going, they tagged along with him.

When the three kids return to their house after watching the meteor shower, they find out their parents were murdered. The three siblings vowed to avenge their parents' wrongful death."When we get older, we'll search for the criminal and the three of us will kill him."

After fourteen years, the three siblings are now adults and they are still setting up elaborate plans in order to catch their parents' killer.

中島美嘉 Nakashima Mika - Orion
Ryūsei no Kizuna is a drama that seemed really serious based on its synopsis but what made the drama memorable for me is the interaction between the siblings Ariake Koichi, Ariake Taisuke, and Ariake Shizuna.

The best moments in the drama are when the three main characters are interacting with each other; like when Taisuke and Shizuna tease their elder brother but still listen to whatever he has to say and still follow his decisions.

The drama does not flow in a linear fashion. The opening scene is about the three Ariake siblings in their 20s and then a flashback is shown when they were little kids. The present and the past are told simultaneously all throughout the drama, which can be confusing.

But what I didn't like about the drama is when it talked about the two brothers, especially the younger brother Taisuke, having a different kind of love than brotherly love towards their younger sister Shizuna. I don't really know how this particular conflict was resolved because after the conflict was raised, some time passed and then it is as if nothing peculiar happened.

One highlight of the drama is how Shizuna found love with Togami Yukinari, who is the son of a suspected murderer in her parents' case. She approached him initially through a veil of lies but even when Yukinari found out the truth about her and her reasons for approaching him, he remained steadfast in liking her. I honestly don't know how a relationship based on lies can still thrive but I'm glad that they were able to get past their ugly start and move on.

Anyway, this is a case wherein the three siblings are looking for their parents' killer and the killer is hardly the one you'll suspect. It was disturbing to find out that the killer is the detective assigned to their case because well, he seemed to genuinely want to solve the case and to help the Ariake children find justice.

I suppose this drama shows how people have their own different ways of explaining or interpreting things that sometimes could be too far off with reality. For instance, when the detective is always arriving early at the scene of a crime, you can say that he is good at doing his job. But then again maybe that detective just wants to be the first to arrive at a crime scene so that he can manipulate the investigation, as the detective in this particular drama has done.

I really can't believe how the detective purposely got close with the Ariake children; close enough for the three to consider him as a friend or perhaps a surrogate parent. They must have been truly conflicted when they found out that a person they trust is actually someone that they hated all their lives.

I'm glad the Ariake siblings found out who really killed their parents and why. Of course, knowing the truth did not bring their parents back to life but by finding out the truth, they were able to answer questions about their past and close that chapter of their lives. In doing so, the Ariake siblings can then focus on moving forward and facing a bright future.

流星の絆 Ryūsei no Kizuna