30 August 2008

命中注定我愛你 Fated to Love You

Title: 命中注定我愛你 Mìngzhòng Zhùdìng Wǒ Ài Nǐ
English Title:
  • Fated to Love You
  • Destiny Love
  • Sticky Note Girl
Country: Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Language: Mandarin Chinese
Year: 2008
Episode: 24
  • 陳喬恩 Chén Qiáo Ēn (Joe Chen)
  • 阮經天 Ruǎn Jīng Tiān (Ethan Ruan)
  • 陳楚河 Chén Chǔ Hé (Baron Chen)
  • 白歆惠 Bái Xīn Huì (Bianca Bai)

元若藍 Yuán Ruò Lán - 99次我愛他 99 Cì Wǒ Ài Tā (99 Times I Love Him)
Chen Xin Yi is a very plain girl who cannot say no. Everyone around her orders her around and she always submits to everyone's demands and orders. She wanted to be a nice person but she ended up being too nice for her own good.

Xin Yi invites her boyfriend Dylan on a romantic cruise at her expense. When they get to the ship, Dylan loses no time flirting with other women. Sick with a cold, Xin Yi takes some cold medicine which makes her disoriented and she ends up in Ji Cun Xi's room.

Cun Xi, the sole heir of Taiwan's wealthiest family, joined the cruise so he can propose to his girlfriend Anna. Unfortunately, Anna chose to follow her dream of being a famous ballerina instead of meeting Cun Xi on the cruise. Because Cun Xi unknowingly drinks a drugged alcoholic drink, he did not realize that the girl in his room is not his girlfriend but someone else.

Xin Yi and Cun Xi had a one-night stand. They were surprised to find out each other's identities but they eventually decided to forget what happened between them. However, Xin Yi later finds out that she's pregnant with Cun Xi's child.

吳忠明 Wú Zhōng Míng, 元若藍 Yuán Ruò Lán - 心願便利貼 Xīnyuàn Biànlì Tiē (Sticky Note Wishes)
I really enjoyed the first few episodes of Fated to Love You, which were fastpaced and interesting. I think the drama would have been so much better if it had ten to fifteen episodes because the later episodes were quite dragging.

The plot was certainly interesting: two strangers had a one-night stand, the girl got pregnant, the boy's family wanted to take responsibility so they forced the boy to marry the girl, and the couple's early married life.

I found the first few episodes entertaining but the latter episodes were less so. I blame my dwindling interest on the poor development of the story. The only reason that Ji Cun Xi and Chen Xin Yi got married is because of the baby so even if they have already fallen in love with each other, they separated when Xin Yi lost the baby.

However, they had to interact with each other even though they are in different cities to further prove that they are really destined for each other and the way that the drama achieved this was really questionable for me.

I didn't like the drama repeatedly bringing the two main characters in all the strange ways possible and the two main characters, for one reason or another, going away from the other person.

I think the story's direction changed a couple of times while filming. Some characters, like Cun Xi's stepmother and stepbrother, were initially presented as quite menacing but they ended up not doing anything significant in the drama.

This is the first time I watched Joe Chen act so I can't really say whether she's a good actress or not. What I do know is that she has portrayed her character Xin Yi very well. Ethan Ruan's acting, however, leaves a lot to be desired. He tends to close his eyes and raise his eyebrows whenever he has to convey some emotions.

kr - 운명처럼 널 사랑해 Fated to Love You

命中注定我愛你 Fated to Love You