24 March 2008

微笑 Pasta (Smile Pasta)

Title: 微笑 Pasta (Wéixiào Pasta)
English Title:
  • Smile Pasta
  • Smiling Pasta
Country: Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Language: Mandarin Chinese
Year: 2006
Episode: 17
  • 王心凌 Wáng Xīn Líng (Cyndi Wang)
  • 張棟樑 Zhāng Dòng Liáng (Nicholas Teo)
  • 蔡尚甫 Cài Shàng Fu (Gino)
  • 赵虹乔 Zhào Hóng Qiáo (Joyce Zhao)

王心凌 Wáng Xīn Líng - 彩虹的微笑 Cǎihóng De Wéixiào (Rainbow Smile)
張棟樑 Zhāng Dòng Liáng - 北极星的眼泪 Běijíxīng De Yǎnlèi (Tears from Polaris)
Cheng Xiao Shi, a naive optimistic person always with a smile on her face, has never been in a relationship for longer than three months. On her third month anniversary with her (17th) boyfriend, he unceremoniously dumps her in the middle of the street. Dazed and devastated, Xiao Shi wanders around and bumps into another person, He Qun.

He Qun, a famous singer known for his cold attitude, is in a middle of a much publicized scandal because his girlfriend Rita dumps him for his younger brother He Rui Zhe or Ah Zhe. While running away from the paparazzi, he bumps into Xiao Shi. The two tumbles all over and they unfortunately end up 'kissing' each other, with the paparazzi clicking their cameras a few meters away.

With the compromising pictures all over, He Qun's manager tries to do some damage control and announces that the two are actually engaged to be married.

He Qun and Xiao Shi are two very different people who need to pretend to be in love with each other even though they can't stand each other. Will they be able to put up a convincing act, effective enough to fool everyone? Or will they actually end up falling in love for real?

王心凌 Wáng Xīn Líng - I Do
張棟樑 Zhāng Dòng Liáng - 就微笑了 Jiù Wéixiàole (Just Smile)
Smile Pasta drama intrigued me because the producers claimed it is loosely based on the widely popular Korean drama 풀하우스 Full House, which is quite enjoyable to watch.

I don't really watch a lot of Taiwanese dramas because I find them over-the-top -- from the story lines to the characterization and everything in between. This drama is still all that to be sure but in tolerable amounts.

Smile Pasta is quite entertaining and the chemistry between lead actors Nicholas Teo and Cyndi Wang probably accounts for that. It also helps that the supporting characters are wacky and interesting, especially Xiao Shi's family.

There's a lot of illogical and unrealistic situations in this drama but it was more like exaggerations of real situations. As long as one keeps in mind that this is more dramatic than realistic, then it will be quite fun to watch as He Qun and Cheng Xiao Shi fall in love with each other.

What I liked most about the drama is its soundtrack because it has some great upbeat tunes and some good ballads. Most of the songs in the soundtrack are by Nicholas Teo and Cyndi Wang, the two charming actors who played the main leading characters.

kr - 풀하우스 Full House
kr - 풀하우스 Take 2 (Full House Take 2)

微笑 Pasta (Smile Pasta)