10 June 2016

植物図鑑 Shokubutsu Zukan

  • 植物図鑑 Shokubutsu Zukan
  • 植物図鑑 運命の恋、ひろいました Shokubutsu Zukan Unmei no Koi, Hiroimashita
English Title:
  • Evergreen Love
  • Illustrated Plant Book
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2016
  • 岩田剛典 Iwata Takanori
  • 高畑充希 Takahata Mitsuki
  • 阿部丈二 Abe Joji
  • 今井華 Imai Hana
  • 谷澤恵里香 Yazawa Erika
  • ダンカン Dankan
  • 大和田伸也 Owada Shinya
  • 宮崎美子 Miyazaki Yoshiyo
  • 酒井敏也 Sakai Toshiya
  • 相島一之 Aijima Kazuyuki
  • 木下隆行 Kinoshita Takayuki

Kono Sayaka is a 24-year-old real estate agent who lives alone. Her daily routine usually consists of going to work, and then going straight home after work. She is often reprimanded by her superior for doing a mediocre job.

On her way home from work, Sayaka sees a young man collapse near her house. She goes to see if he's alright, and he tells her he's so hungry he can no longer walk. Sayaka takes him home to feed him.

Sayaka likes Kusakabe Itsuki, and she invites him to stay with her. Itsuki asks if he can stay at her house for half a year...

Shokubutsu Zukan is an interesting movie about finding someone who makes you happy, and who unexpectedly changes you for the better in small ways. Kono Sayaka had a very ordinary existence before she met Kusakabe Itsuki, but she started finding the happy moments in her normal life .

I think Sayaka lives a very satisfying life because at such a young age she has a respectable job, she lives independently in her own apartment, and she has more than enough finances to support her living expenses. I suppose she has a very ordinary life, but who says that existence cannot be extraordinary in its own way?!

Anyway, the film is about Sayaka meeting Kusakabe Itsuki and how his presence changed her for the better. Itsuki taught her many things, such as the many different plants growing around her and how to cook simple dishes.

When Itsuki left Sayaka after six months, which to be fair is what he said he would do when they first met, he also taught her to be strong. She found the strength to live her life the way she should even though she's heartbroken.

Although I understand that it's important for the narrative to have Itsuki go away, it doesn't make sense to leave without saying anything to Sayaka. Why couldn't Itsuki go and finish what he started, but they have an understanding that they are still a couple and they are just in a long-distance relationship?

Anyway, it seemed that Itsuki was also changed by Sayaka in many ways, but that wasn't shown until the end of the film when he said so himself. It was unfortunate really, because I think it would have had more of an impact if it was presented through the scenes.

植物図鑑 Shokubutsu Zukan