30 April 2016

ちはやふる 下の句 Chihayafuru Shimo no Ku

Title: ちはやふる 下の句 Chihayafuru Shimo no Ku
English Title:
  • Chihayafuru Part 2
  • Chihayafuru Second Verse
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2016
  • 広瀬すず Hirose Suzu
  • 野村周平 Nomura Shuhei
  • 新田真剣佑 Arata Mackenyu
  • 松岡茉優 Matsuoka Mayu
  • 上白石萌音 Kamishiraishi Mone
  • 矢本悠馬 Yamato Yuma
  • 森永悠希 Morinaga Yuki
  • 清水尋也 Shimizu Hiroya
  • 坂口涼太郎 Sakaguchi Ryotaro
  • 國村隼 Kunimura Jun
  • 松田美由紀 Matsuda Miyuki

Ayase Chihaya, Mashima Taichi, Nishida Yusei, Oe Kanade, and Komano Tsutomu have won the regional competition, and the professional karuta club from Mizusawa High School will be competing at the national competition.

Chihaya and Taichi call their childhood friend Arata Wataya who taught them about karuta to inform him about the good news, but Wataya tells them that he has stopped playing karuta. Chihaya and Taichi go to visit Wataya to find out why…

Chihayafuru is about the professional karuta game; the verses of the one hundred (100) poems are written on karuta cards, a reader reads the first verse of a poem, and the players have to get the karuta card where the second verse of the poem is written. It is a game that requires a lot of skill and concentration. It is based on a manga with the same title.

Chihayafuru Shimo no Ku is about self-discovery. Why do we do the things we do? Why do we aspire for something? Why are we working hard to achieve something? When we do things for one reason or another, and that reason goes away, then should we stop whatever it is we were doing?

Mashima Taichi is doing karuta for Ayase Chihaya. Chihaya is doing karuta for Arata Wataya. Wataya is doing karuta for his grandfather. Is it good to work on something because of another person? If we are working to achieve something for the sake of another person, and if that person somehow goes away, should we still continue on the path we were working on or should we change our course?

Wakamiya Shinobu is doing karuta for herself. She's playing karuta because she wants to, and she works on being the best in the field for her own sake and no one else's. Is that the best approach to doing something?

Akihito Sudo: I don't care if you get the wrong idea of playing karuta alone since it's your opinion. But you are, first and foremost, a member of the Mizusawa High School karuta club, right? Do not forget that you're not alone in the responsibility to represent Tokyo (in the national competition). 

ちはやふる 上の句 Chihayafuru Kami no Ku
ちはやふる 結び Chihayafuru Musubi

ちはやふる 上の句 Chihayafuru Kami no Ku