04 July 2015

ランチのアッコちゃん Lunch no Akko-chan

Title: ランチのアッコちゃん Ranchi (Lunch) no Akko-chan
English Title:
  • Akko's Lunches
  • Lunches of Akko
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2015
Episode: 08
  • 蓮佛美沙子 Renbutsu Misako
  • 戸田菜穂 Toda Naho
  • 駿河太郎 Suruga Taro
  • 田山涼成 Tayama Ryosei
  • 野呂佳代 Noro Kayo
  • 堀内敬子 Horiuchi Keiko
  • 鶴見辰吾 Tsurumi Shingo
  • 成田凌 Narita Ryo

Sawada Michiko is a temporary employee at a trading company. She always brings a lunch box, but she often eats alone because her colleagues often go out for lunch.

Kurokawa Atsuko, also known as Akko, is the newly-appointed manager in Michiko's department. She asks Michiko to exchange lunches with her for one week; she'll eat Michiko's homemade lunch, and Michiko will go to the places where she usually goes for lunch.

Michiko reluctantly agrees to the arrangement because she doesn't think she can say no to her superior.

Lunch no Akko-chan is an interesting drama about a bumbling temporary worker who had no direction in life, and how a competent superior guided her to become a more capable employee.

I wonder why the drama went with it's title because Sawada Michiko only exchanged lunches with her superior Kurokawa Atsuko, also known as Akko, for around five days, and this arrangement was covered in just three episodes.

ランチのアッコちゃん Lunch no Akko-chan