22 March 2015

戦力外捜査官 Senryokugai Sōsakan

Title: 戦力外捜査官 Senryokugai Sōsakan
English Title:
  • Detective Out of the Force
  • Out of Force Investigator
  • The Easygoing Police
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2015
Episode: 01
  • 武井咲 Takei Emi
  • 田﨑敬浩 Tasaki Takahiro (タカヒロ Takahiro)
  • 八嶋智人 Yashima Norito
  • 木下隆行 Kinoshita Takayuki
  • 濱田マリ Hamada Mari
  • 徳重聡 Tokushige Satoshi
  • 野間口徹 Nomaguchi Toru
  • 渋谷謙人 Shibuya Kento
  • 手塚とおる Tezuka Toru
  • 水沢エレナ Mizusawa Elena
  • 伊吹吾郎 Ibuki Goro
  • ゆう YOU
  • 柄本明 Emoto Akira
  • 佐野史郎 Sano Shiro
  • 北川弘美 Kitagawa Hiromi
  • 袴田吉彦 Hakamada Yoshihiko
  • 堀内敬子 Horiuchi Keiko
  • 住田隆 Sumida Takashi
  • 君野夢真 Kimino Yuma

タカヒロ Takahiro - Love Story
Umizuki Chinami is very intelligent, and she has passed the most difficult government officer exams. Like other so-called 'elite' and 'career officer', she is expected to rise to the top of the ranks of the police department due to her excellent credentials.

Chinami is already an inspector at such a young age. She is assigned to the 18th Unit of the First Investigation Division of the Metropolitan Police Department to gain work experience.

The members of the 18th Unit are worried that Chinami will become a liability to them. If she ever makes a mistake, they will be forced to take responsibility because Chinami's work records must remain pristine.

Shitara Kyosuke, the youngest detective in the 18th Unit, is assigned to be Chinami's partner at work. He is tasked to look after Chinami so that she doesn't get into any trouble.

A year after Chinami joined the 18th Unit, Chinami and Kyosuke are sent to Macau so they can escort a criminal back to Tokyo, Japan.

Senryokugai Sōsakan is an entertaining drama about a detective who has the intelligence necessary when conducting investigations, but lacks the physical brawn that is sometimes needed when dealing with criminals. It is a continuation of the drama 戦力外捜査官 Senryokugai Sōsakan.

Umizuki Chinami is already an inspector but she lacks work experience. She has joined an investigation team to address her shortcomings, but other people in the police department are worried that they will be forced to take responsibility if she makes mistakes because Chinami is expected to have a promising career.

Chinami is assigned to work with Shitara Kyosuke, but he is actually assigned to look after her so that she won't get into any trouble. They work well together because of their different strengths. I like that although Kyosuke's strongest point is his physical prowess, he is not someone who is completely stupid.

I think it's strange that Chinami and Kyosuke are sent to Macau, China to escort a criminal back to Tokyo, Japan because the crime didn't seem to be serious enough as to warrant immediate action and international attention.

Anyway, Chinami is good with quizzes and riddles, which is helpful to the investigation because the suspect Sugimoto Yūichi left quizzes and riddles that has to be solved right in order for the police detectives to obtain crucial information that he has hidden away.

Umizuki Chinami: Quiz maniac?
?: Yes. He used to happily show many riddles to everyone and ask, "Can you solve this quiz?"
Umizuki Chinami Chinami: What kinds of quiz were they?
?:  For example, 'three things that you use when you don't, but you don't use it when you do'.
Kitazato Ryosuke: Are there three things like that?
Umizuki Chinami: Bathtub cover, hanger, safe, fountain pen's cap, bicycle seat cover, and car seat cover.

戦力外捜査官 Senryokugai Sōsakan (2014)

戦力外捜査官 Senryokugai Sōsakan