25 November 2014

Miracle デビクロくんの恋と魔法 Miracle: Debikuro-kun (Devil Claus) no Koi to Mahō

  • Miracle
  • MIRACLE デビクロくんの恋と魔法 Miracle: Debikuro-kun (Devil Claus) no Koi to Mahō
English Title:
  • Miracle
  • Miracle: Devil Claus' Love and Magic
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2014
  • 相葉雅紀 Aiba Masaki
  • 生田斗真 Ikuta Tōma
  • 榮倉奈々 Eikura Nana
  • 한효주 Han Hyo Joo
  • 劇団ひとり Gekidan Hitori
  • 小市慢太郎 Koichi Mantaro
  • 渡辺真起子 Watanabe Makiko
  • 塚地武雅 sukaji Muga
  • 岸井ゆきの Kishī Yukino
  • 市川実和子 Ichikawa Miwako
  • 温水洋一 Nukumizu Yōichi
  • クリス・ペプラー Kurisu Pepurā (Chris Peppler)
  • 平澤宏々路 Hirasawa Kokoro

Yamamoto Hikaru has a good disposition ever since he was young, and he has remained cheerful even as an adult. Hikaru has loved drawing as a child and even after twenty years has passed, he still aspires to be a successful manga artist. He works as a bookstore clerk during the day, and he stealthily distributes flyers of his manga about Devil Claus all over town at night.

Takahashi Anna is Hikaru's childhood friend, and she always helps him out whenever he's in trouble. When Hikaru told her that he has met the person he's destined to be with and when she realized that she knows who he is talking about, Anna helps him even though she is in love with him.

Hikaru ran into Tae So Yeon on a busy street, and he's amazed to find that she fits the description of a mythical creature that a young Hikaru had come up with: 'she carries the moon on her back, she is clad in deep red garments, she carries knowledge and the future in her left hand, and she is accompanied by a leopard at her right hand'.

Hikaru met Kitayama Ichiro, a good friend from university, at a comic convention. Ichiro worked as an investment banker in London, but he came back to Japan to pursue his dream of being a manga artist. Hikaru is surprised to discover that his old friend is the one behind a popular manga that has sold millions of copies.

Miracle: Debikuro-kun (Devil Claus) no Koi to Mahō is an interesting drama about romance, specifically how people sometimes look far and wide for their destiny when that special person is actually right beside them already.

Kurita Natsuki: "A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it," by Jean de La Fontaine.

Destiny is a really tricky concept, because how you take it greatly depends on whether you believe in it or not. If you believe in fate, then it's quite comforting that what is meant to happen will still happen no matter what. However, if you think destiny is nonsense, then you would definitely prefer to think you have more agency in your life.

The film takes the concept of fate in a positive way, and although it seems that what happened in the story is what was really supposed to happen, the characters have also made a conscious effort to make things unfold that way.

Anyway, I don't know if I should commend Yamamoto Hikaru for continuing to pursue his dream of being a successful manga artist even though he hasn't really had much progress in becoming a professional despite going at it for more than two decades.

Although I admire his sheer determination, I feel that perhaps it's better for him to accept that he won't be able to make his dream come true. But I'm too much of an idealist so I don't want him to give up since it is still possible for him to become a manga artist because I truly believe that anything is possible.

Kurita Natsuki: "The calamity you will meet someday will be punishment for your carelessness, " by Napoleon Bonaparte.

MIRACLE デビクロくんの恋と魔法 Miracle: Devil Claus no Koi to Mahō