06 November 2014

クローバー Clover

Title: クローバー Kurōbā (Clover)
English Title: Clover
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2014
  • 武井咲 Takei Emi
  • 大倉忠義 Okura Tadayoshi
  • 永山絢斗 Nagayama Kento
  • 渡辺夏菜 Watanabe Natsuna (夏菜 Natsuna)
  • 上地雄輔 Kamiji Yusuke
  • 木南晴夏 Kinami Haruka
  • 水沢エレナ Mizusawa Erena
  • 西村雅彦 Nishimura Masahiko
  • 光浦靖子 Mitsura Yasuko
  • 今野杏南 Konno Anna
  • 柴田理恵 Shibata Rie

When Suzuki Saya had her fortune told, the fortune teller told  her that she's going to have a love that's as turbulent as a roller coaster. The man she's fated to be with is her best match as well as her worst match at the same time.

Saya is confused by her supposed fortune, but she told her friends that she is not really concerned with love and relationships for the time being. However, Saya is actually bidding her time and waiting for her childhood love Hino Haruki to come find her.

Saya is tormented at work by her boss Tsuge Susumu, who always finds fault in how she accomplishes her tasks and reprimands her for not being as efficient as he is. Everyone at work thinks Susumu is cool, and rightfully so because he has good looks and excellent qualifications.

When Saya committed a big mistake at work, Susumu told her that he has something to tell her even after she has managed to fix her mistake. Saya thought she's in for a huge scolding, but Susumu suddenly asked her to go out with him with the possibility of marriage.

Clover had an exceptionally funny start because ordinary events department employee Suzuki Saya had a difficult time meeting the exceedingly high expectations of her elite boss Tsuge Susumu. It would have been better overall if Clover had maintained such a lighthearted tone throughout the movie but alas, it had to go to the extremely dramatic route in the end.

I should probably point out that I found it strange to hear a superior call his subordinate stupid, as it doesn't seem very professional. I mean, I understand calling attention to an employee's mistake and even directly telling her how to properly go about her responsibilities, but telling her that she's an idiot seems going too far.

Which is why I also found it surprising that Susume suddenly asked Saya to date him with the possible outcome of the two of them eventually getting married. It doesn't help that there wasn't much indication in the ten-minute introduction that Susumu likes Saya romantically prior to his sudden proposal.

Susumu was written in such a way that is was difficult to know what the character was thinking and feeling. I mean, you'd reasonably assume that he has good intentions because he's the lead guy, the same way that you'd expect he has romantic feelings for Saya because he's the hero of the film.

Tsuge Susumu: Then you should call off the matchmaking dates in the first place. Because you're only attending the blind dates with half-hearted feelings, that's essentially why you can't meet a decent person.

Tsuge Susumu: It will be difficult to let go of things if you keep them.

It was unfortunate because Saya's first love Hino Haruki was the exact opposite; he is somewhat like an open book because he candidly converses with Saya about everything. It's probably because he was Saya's childhood friend so she can comfortably ask Haruki questions that she wouldn't dare ask Susumu.

Hino Haruki: People only cheat when they aren't serious with either of the two partners. Men won't two-time if they were serious about one of the women.

Hino Haruki: Happiness will evade a pessimistic woman.

Hino Haruki: You're supposed to believe in them even when you're apart... They never want you to get unnecessarily worried. When men are doing their best at work, they won't say so to those who are important to them.
Hino Haruki: What I was trying to say was, even if they don't put it into words, they still properly think of you. I'm sure that's also how it is with your boyfriend.

クローバー Clover