14 June 2014

磁石男 Jishaku Otoko

Title: 磁石男 Jishaku Otoko
English Title: Magnet Man
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2014
Episode: 01
  • 向井理 Mukai Osamu
  • 相武紗季 Aibu Saki
  • 要潤 Kaname Jun
  • 能世あんな Nose Anna
  • 佐野史郎 Sano Shiro
  • 三宅弘城 Miyake Hiroki
  • 青柳翔 Aoyagi Sho
  • 伊藤麻実子 Ito Mamiko
  • 草村礼子 Kusamura Reiko
  • 藤村俊二 Fujimura Shunji
  • 朝倉えりか Asakura Erika
  • 中島ひろ子 Nakajima Hiroko
  • 宮崎吐夢 Miyazaki Tomu
  • 芽夢ちさと MemuChisato
  • 野呂佳代 Noro Kayo

Oba Sosuke is an eccentric farmer who loves growing vegetables while playing classical music. He owns Oba Farm and Sosuke conducts an agricultural program where people go to his farm and work for a day.

Sosuke organizes the participants into pairs that he thinks can work well together. Known as Jishaku Otoko or the Magnet Man, Sosuke sees people as either of the two types: N (north) and S (south). Sosuke pairs an N person with an S person because they match well, and he thinks that people who are of the same type are not compatible with each other. Sosuke's agricultural program is getting a reputation as a way to meet a lover and even a marriage partner.

Dating consultant Kohinata Shion was recruited by Himuro Kotaro to work at his event management company that is setting up a dating services sector. Kotaro wants to sign an exclusive contract with the so-called Magnet Man for a regular agricultural program for matchmaking purposes.

Determined to help and impress Kotaro who is her long-time crush and ideal marriage partner, Shion goes to Oba Farm to get Sosuke to sign the exclusive contract.

Jishaku Otoko is an interesting drama because it attempts to divide people into two different types, and promotes that two people of opposite types are perfectly matched with each other. I don't really believe that people are either N (north) or S (south) type, but it's quite an interesting concept.

I really like Kohinata Shion as a character so I'll probably remember this drama for a long time. I like how she's trying to be polite most of the time but there are times when her sarcastic nature comes out unexpectedly.

I was reminded how important it is for a person to satisfy her own requirements and ideals. As someone with admittedly high expectations, I think it is particularly necessary that I evaluate my ideals relative to my reality, and make some adjustments whenever necessary.

Shion refers to it in terms of a marriage partner, such as you should take care of your appearance if your requirement is a handsome guy, or you should have more or less the same income level as the annual income that you require from your potential husband.

Kohinata Shion: Love and marriage are two different things. She wants to get married with love? Is she an idiot? She didn't even make any effort for self-improvement. Her requirements and ideals are long gone.
Kohinata Shion: That's the same with my requirements. His annual income is above JPY10 million, brilliant, good looking, athletic, all in one. He doesn't interfere with his partner. He's an independent man.
Kohinata Shion: Before I set my requirements, do you know how much I have polished myself? Anyway, I don't care about anything she wants to say. Someone who doesn't make any effort will never have a chance to get married in her whole life.

Kohinata Shion: Is it bad to make an effort? Can't I do that?
Kohinata Shion: I came here to get closer to my ideal person. Beauty treatments, yoga, nail art, and many more that requires an investment. I made effort to meet my demands.

Kohinata Shion: Himuro Kotaro is doing his best in his work, but he is still living his life carefully. I like that kind of man.

磁石男 Jishaku Otoko (2015)

磁石男 Jishaku Otoko