10 December 2013

ハードナッツ! Hard Nut!

  • ハードナッツ! Hado Nattsu! (Hard Nut!)
  • ハードナッツ! 数学girlの恋する事件簿 Hard Nut Sugaku Girl no Koisuru Jikenbo
English Title:
  • Hard Nut!
  • Hard Nut! Math Girl Who Loves Cases
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2013
Episode: 08
  • 橋本愛 Hashimoto Ai
  • 高良健吾 Kora Kengo
  • 矢島健一 Yajima Kenichi
  • 波岡一喜 Namioka Kazuki
  • 勝村政信 Katsumura Masanobu
  • 肥野竜也 Hino Tatsuya
  • 橋本真実 Hashimoto Mami

Nanba Kurumi is a college student from the Department of Mathematics at Tokyo University, one of the most prestigious universities in Japan.

Tomoda Tatsuhiko is a young detective and he goes to Tokyo University to consult with a college professor for an investigation. The professor he intends to meet is not around but he coincidentally meets that professor's student Kurumi.

Kurumi uses mathematics to help Tatsuhiko deal with difficult cases at work.

Hard Nut! is an interesting drama because it uses mathematics to solve crimes. I'm not really good at mathematics but I do realize that mathematics and mathematical equations have practical applications in our daily lives.

I'm curious about the drama's title Hard Nut! though. What does it mean exactly? And does the title refer to the characters or the cases tackled in the drama or something else?

Nanba Kurumi could have been an interesting character because she is an intellectual genius but she's also socially inept. However, I think the actress Hashimoto Ai was not able to portray Kurumi well. I mean, Kurumi is supposed to be just socially awkward but she sometimes comes off as mentally retarded instead.

I'm also particularly annoyed with Kurumi's 'cute' voice and it is not because I don't like 'cute' voices as a whole. There are actresses that use a 'cute' voice quite well that you assume it's their real voice. In this drama though, Kurumi mostly speaks in a 'cute' voice but it seems that the actress sometimes forgets because there are a lot of times wherein she speaks in a normal voice.

I find Tomoda Tatsuhiko a more interesting character because there's so many things about him that don't add up. He's a young detective who is quite meek at work but he's very assertive, and at times aggressive, when he's with other people. He is not presented as an intellectual genius but he knows a lot about a wide variety of things.

ハードナッツ! Hard Nut!