04 October 2013

주군의 태양 Master's Sun

Title: 주군의 태양 Joogoonui Taeyang
English Title:
  • Master's Sun
  • The Sun of My Master
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Year: 2013
Episode: 16
  • 공효진 Gong Hyo Jin
  • 소지섭 So Ji Sub
  • 서인국 Seo In Gook
  • 김유리 Kim Yoo Ri
  • 김명수 Kim Myung Soo (엘 L)

Tae Gong Shil was popular and successful when she was younger that her nickname was Big Sun. In her senior year in college, she got into an accident and was in comatose for three years. When she gained consciousness, she can suddenly see ghosts and they approach her to do things for them.

After fulfilling the request of one ghost, Gong Shil hitches a ride with Joo Joong Won and his Secretary Kim Gwi Do. Ghosts come to her as usual and she reaches out to Joong Won beside her in fear. Gong Shil is amazed to find out that ghosts disappear whenever she touches Joong Won and she is determined to stay close to him so she can lead a normal life.

Joong Won is the president of Kingdom group and he doesn't believe in things that he cannot see. Jong Won thinks Gong Shil is crazy when he finds out that she can see ghosts but he is  intrigued when she told him that she can see a ghost next to him.

Master's Sun is a fun drama to watch, with an interesting plot and talented actors as the main cast. I have enjoyed tremendously the first few episodes and if not for the few hiccups in the plot development, it could have been one of my favorite Korean dramas.

I'm still confused though regarding the supernatural elements incorporated in the drama. It is not really clear why Tae Gong Shil and apparently a few other people can see and communicate with ghosts. It is also not clear why the ghosts disappear when Gong Shil touches Joo Joong Won. I mean, does it only work for her? Or for other people that can see ghosts, will the ghosts also disappear if they touch Joong Won?

Although this drama had a novel premise, I wasn't really expecting much considering the debacle of the scriptwriters' last project. The drama's premise still has its flaws but it seemed better crafted. However, if the characters were portrayed by less skilled actors, the drama may not be as engaging.

I enjoyed the sexual innuendos in the drama, particularly because the dialogues are actually pretty straightforward and quite innocent if you knew the context. It's really funny how the lead characters are speaking plainly but the other characters are reading too much between the lines.

However, it's quite disappointing that the romantic scenes and the kissing scenes are very tame considering that mature and talented actors are portraying the lead characters, and especially if you take the drama's adult theme in the equation.

Anyway, I like some of the dialogues in the drama...

Tae Gong Shil: Sometimes, people find the most unexpected things along their path. There are times when they find themselves in an unexpected place during their travels. They think of it as unexpected luck or even perhaps a sign of misfortune. But they're not all just coincidences... It was a right turn.

Kang Woo: A person that I highly respect said this to me once, "Don't battle with your past self, but anticipate who you are to become and love your current self."

Kang Woo: Listen, if you come to like someone who lives in a world different than yours, what do you think you'll do?
Tae Yi Ryung: I'd first make an effort not to like that person.
Kang Woo: And if that doesn't work?
Tae Yi Ryung: Then you have to jump in all the way.
Kang Woo: Something really scary that you never even would have fathomed could jump out at you. Could that be handled?
Tae Yi Ryung: Then just like the person even more. If you like someone a whole lot, then you can't see anything else. When you like someone that much, how can you even notice anything scary lurking around?

Tae Gong Shil: Making that decision to protect something will be a difficult task. And once you've made the decision, no one will know what the result will be either. Even after you've made that difficult decision, it's possible that things could become even harder. Embracing someone with love doesn't always guarantee happiness.

주군의 태양 Master's Sun