30 December 2013

응답하라 1994 (Answer Me 1994) Clues 1

Title: 응답하라 1994 Eungdabhara 1994
English Title:
  • Answer Me 1994
  • Reply 1994
  • Respond 1994

One of the so-called mysteries of the drama is to find out the identity of Sung Na Jung's future husband given an array of eligible males. Although I knew it is futile to actually participate in the whole who's-the-husband guessing game because a lot of the scenes in the drama are meant to confuse the audience, I think I spent a substantial amount of time doing exactly that.

It's probably because I am hoping that Kim Seon Joon, also known as Chil Bong, will end up with Na Jung that I tried to find ways to support that outcome. I found it equally frustrating and fun to interpret the scenes in favor of my desired outcome.

I knew that the possibility of Chil Bong being Na Jung's husband is quite low particularly given the story development in the 1990s. However, I believed that the 2013 scenes are important to the drama's narrative and I trusted that these scenes will be explained properly later on. Am I naive to assume that the drama production team will deliver a decent and sensible project? Probably.

Only one or two of the 2013 scenes were later explained but in a completely illogical and nonsensical way, at least in my opinion. I realized belatedly that these 2013 scenes are irrelevant to the drama's narrative and are basically fillers to keep me hoping and anticipating that my desired outcome will happen.

That deliberate manipulation and lack of respect for my emotions really offend my sensibilities. Expecting me to accept illogical and nonsensical explanations really offends me on an intellectual and psychological level. Shame on you, drama production team.

Clues that Kim Seon Joon, also known as Chil Bong, and Sung Na Jung are married:

  • Na Jung and her husband got married in Seoul, and not in her hometown Masan
  • Sam Chun Po told Na Jung to live well after marriage and to stop tormenting her pitiful groom.
  • Na Jung speaks to her husband using the Seoul accent, and not her native Gyeongsang accent
  • Chil Bong knows that Na Jung is addicted to playing games and can enumerate the games that she plays
  • Chil Bong is comfortable enough to sleep on the sofa
  • Chil Bong is also comfortable enough to use the private rooms in the house and he didn't need any direction on which room he may use to sleep (Chil Bong owns the apartment and leases it out to Na Jung and her husband, hence he is comfortable enough to use the private rooms without asking for the tenant's permission)
  • Na Jung picked up the packages in the security office (probably because she cannot order her husband to do it since he is not in the living room and possibly he is sleeping inside the bedroom?) and when Na Jung got back, she informed her husband that the packages came after Chil Bong has just joined everyone after taking a short nap
  • Chil Bong drinks the coffee that Na Jung has prepared for herself but she didn't complain and just got up to get another cup of coffee for herself
  • Chil Bong scolds Na Jung for cursing but he keeps his voice down and even makes sure their friends did not hear him do so
  • Chil Bong knew that Na Jung's brother Joon who lives with her and her husband has been coming home late these days
  • Yoon Jin has noted while watching the video that the husband had waited a very long time for the wedding day
  • Chil Bong scoffed when Na Jung said her husband is more handsome than a famous baseball player who attended the wedding
  • Chil Bong and Na Jung have matching (couple-theme) phone cases
  • Na Jung told Chil Bong to order food delivery and after asking her what she wants to order, he knew what restaurant to order from and had the restaurant's number stored in his mobile phone
  • Chil Bong provided detailed directions to Na Jung's house to the delivery person.
  • Sam Chun Po mentioned it is not weird (or rather normal) to find a baseball in Na Jung's house and baseball is mainly associated with Chil Bong
  • Chil Bong got up to get the baseball on the bookshelf and he looked at it in a fond but bittersweet way, as if it is his own
  • Chil Bong asks Na Jung who rang the doorbell when her parents came to visit
  • Chil Bong called Na Jung's dad father when he used to call him Coach in the past
  • Chil Bong prepared coffee for Na Jung's mom when she asked for some coffee in Na Jung's house (Chil Bong is a nice person and willingly assumes the host duties in someone else's house)

Of course, I couldn't ignore some other clues that lead to a different outcome. This is not going to be an extensive list but here goes...

Clues that Kim Jae Joon, also known as Sseu Re Ki, and Sung Na Jung are married:

  • Na Jung's dad acted as if he did not want to give his daughter to the groom
  • Na Jung's dad said the groom was the ugliest in his eyes
  • Na Jung instructed her husband how to commute to their house
  • Na Jung's husband didn't want to get her complicated coffee order

Clues that Son Ho Joon, also known as Hai Tai, and Sung Na Jung are married:

Clues that Kim Sung Kyun, also known as Sam Chun Po, and Sung Na Jung are married:

Clues that Kim Dong Joon, also known as Bing Geu Re, and Sung Na Jung are married:

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This is really just a post to note how frustrated I am with the drama because I don't ever want to forget...