28 January 2013

ストロベリーナイト アフターザインビジブルレイン Strawberry Night: After the Invisible Rain

  • ストロベリーナイト Sutoroberī Naito (Strawberry Night)
  • ストロベリーナイト アフターザインビジブルレイン Sutoroberī Naito Afutā za Inbijiburu Rein (Strawberry Night: After the Invisible Rain)
  • ストロベリーナイトスペシャル Sutoroberī Naito Supesharu (Strawberry Night Special)
English Title:
  • Strawberry Night
  • Strawberry Night: Invisible Rain (After the Invisible Rain)
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2013
Episode: 05
  • 竹内結子 Takeuchi Yūko
  • 西島秀俊 Nishijima Hidetoshi
  • 小出恵介 Koide Keisuke
  • 生瀬勝久 Namase Katsuhisa
  • 遠藤憲一 Endo Kenichi
  • 渡辺いっけい Watanabe Ikkei
  • 高嶋政宏 Takashima Masahiro
  • 武田鉄矢 Takeda Tetsuya

These are some cases that Himekawa Reiko and her colleagues handled after they were all assigned to different places. Kikuta Kazuo's case took place before he transferred to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and joined Himekawa Reiko's team.

An acquaintance of Himekawa Reiko committed suicide. Reiko discovered some odd information in her acquaintance's business paperwork and she suspects that he is a victim of a scam. Thinking that the real cause of death in the case is murder, Reiko conducts an undercover investigation to apprehend the criminal.

A female high school student, who is also part of the swimming varsity team, fell from a building rooftop and died. Kikuta Kazuo and his superior Kogure Toshimitsu are investigating the case and they suspect that the other varsity team members are withholding some information. All of them are saying they did not see anything although the incident occurred during a scheduled swimming practice.

Silent Murder
Tanigawa Masatsugu was assaulted by his acquaintance when they were playing shoji and the former requested for a time out. Although Hayami Noriyuki feels that the incident does not merit any extensive investigation on his part, some details about the incident bothers him that he ended up spending extra time and exerting extra effort in resolving the case.

When the Focus is on the Left
Kusaka Mamoru and Ioka Hiromitsu are investigating the murder case of a professional magician rumored to have supernatural powers. Hiromitsu readily believes that some things just cannot be explained rationally but Mamoru disagrees.

Probably Guilty
Katsumata Kensaku is assigned to work on the murder of a corrupt government official and he is disturbed by the suspect's extensive knowledge of his victim's personal information. Kensaku thinks that the recent string of murders that target government officials may be brought about by a website that publishes information about corrupt government officials.

Strawberry Night: After the Invisible Rain is composed of several episodes wherein Himekawa Reiko or a member of her team tackles a particular case. The cases do not seem to be related in any way, but there's a possibility that the cases are actually related and I just missed the clues linking one case to another.

In the series' timeline, this drama took place after the events in the movie ストロベリーナイト Strawberry Night, where Himekawa Reiko and her team are sent to different places as a consequence of their actions.

I didn't really like the drama because I like it when Reiko and her team are solving cases together. I think it's sad that they had to break up and each had to go on their separate way. Well, I suppose it's a good thing that all of them are more or less doing okay under the circumstances.

I don't really know why the drama is still called Strawberry Night when the cases discussed are not anymore related with the Strawberry Night case that was tackled in the first drama ストロベリーナイト Strawberry Night but it's probably for continuity purposes.

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