17 January 2015

오늘의 연애 Today's Love

Title: 오늘의 연애 Oneul-ui Yeonae
English Title:
  • Love Forecast
  • Today's Love
  • Today's Romance
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Year: 2015
  • 문채원 Moon Chae Won
  • 이승기 Lee Seung Gi
  • 이서진 Lee Seo Jin
  • 김갑수 Kim Gab Soo
  • 이경진 Lee Kyung Jin
  • 박시은 Park Si Eun
  • 정준영 Jung Joon Young
  • 류화영 Ryu Hwa Young (화영 Hwa Young)
  • 박수영 Park Soo Young (리지 Li Ji) (리지 Lizzy)
  • 김부선 Kim Bu Seon
  • 홍화리 Hong Hwa Ri
  • 손가인 Son Ga In (가인 Ga In)
  • 김소연 Kim So Yeon

Kang Joon Soo has been in love with Kim Hyun Woo since their elementary school days, when Hyun Woo came to live with Joon Soo's family in Seoul for her education while her mom works in Jeju island. He has confessed his real feelings to her then, but she rejected him.

Joon Soo and Hyun Woo are still close friends eighteen years later, but she has moved out of his family home and into her own apartment. He is now an elementary school teacher, and she works as a weathercaster who is famously known as the Weather Goddess.

Today's Love is about two childhood friends who took almost two decades to finally get together, because it took that much time for Kang Joon Soo to find the courage to confess his feelings again after he was rejected the first time, and for Kim Hyun Woo to realize her romantic feelings for her best friend.

It is a movie you'll watch for the lead actors because they made their flawed characters sympathetic and endearing. Lee Seung Gi did a fine job of portraying beta male Joon Soo, but Moon Chae Won was excellent in her portrayal of foul-mouthed weather goddess Hyun Woo who only cares about herself.

I doubt if I'll even be remotely interested in the characters and what happens with them, if they were not played by actors I like. Joon Soo seems to be resigned as just Hyun Woo's drinking buddy but he seems to think he has some control over her and her love life.

Although I'm okay with people prioritizing themselves over anyone else (because why not?!), I'm conflicted with Hyun Woo's affair with a married man. It also doesn't seem right that she keeps stringing Joon Soo along for almost two decades even though she knows that he is still in love with her. I just think being selfish is entirely different with willfully hurting other people.

Today's Love doesn't seem to know how to tell its story about good friends becoming lovers. Since Joon Soo has been in love with Hyun Woo for what seems like forever, and Hyun Woo has explicitly stated that she is not attracted to Joon Soo, it seems very important to convincingly show the resolution to her issues.

The movie laboriously spent a lot of time on the lead character's various love affairs with other people, which I wouldn't have minded if there was ample time set aside to address the issues between Joon Soo and Hyun Woo so that their union is more organic.

Given that Hyun Woo has declared at least twice that she doesn't see Joon Soo as a man, I wish there was also a scene where it is clearly shown that she has finally done so. I suppose I could infer that based on what happened between them, but it's just more believable if that moment was especially highlighted in the film.

I think the ending part was kind of rushed, which is such a shame because I would have given anything for more scenes of Joon Soo and Hyun Woo being adorable together.

오늘의 연애 Today's Love