13 July 2014

닥터 이방인 Doctor Stranger

Title: 닥터 이방인 Dakteo Yibangin
English Title:
  • Doctor Foreigner
  • Doctor Stranger (Dr. Stranger)
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Year: 2014
Episode: 20
  • 이종석 Lee Jong Suk
  • 진세연 Jin Se Yeon
  • 박해진 Park Hae Jin
  • 강소라 Kang So Ra
  • 김상중 Kim Sang Joong
  • 이일화 Lee Il Hwa
  • 황동주 Hwang Dong Joo
  • 이재원 Lee Jae Won
  • 윤보라 Yoon Bo Ra (보라 Bo Ra)
  • 구승현 Goo Seung Hyun
  • 김지영 Kim Ji Young

When he was still small, Park Hoon's father and skilled surgeon Park Chul goes to North Korea so he can perform a critical heart operation on a North Korean political leader. Park Hoon was also brought to the country to threaten the accomplished doctor, and his father performed the surgery well under pressure.

The South Korean official who sent Hoon's father to North Korea ordered the death of Park Chul and his son, instead of allowing them to go back to South Korea. However, the North Korean officials didn't kill the two and gave them new identities.

A few years later, Hoon is already an experienced doctor who works with his father. Hoon is also happily engaged to the love of his life Song Jae Hee, whom he met when they were still children.

Hoon is recruited to work in a medical research facility, and he is invited to showcase his medical expertise in Budapest, Hungary. Hoon's father encourages him to go to Budapest with Jae Hee, where they may possibly have a chance of escaping from North Korea.


닥터 이방인 Doctor Stranger